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8 Novelty Unicorn Gift Ideas

Whether it is a birthday party or a festival, exchanging gifts has become a norm in India, and is well-followed by everyone. It is one way of expressing love and gratitude, and is taken very seriously.

Gifts are chosen after taking into consideration various factors. But when it comes to small girls and boys, special accommodations are made for their choices. A common choice of every little girl and boy is a unicorn and unicorn themed gifts and parties.

Here are a few ideas for unicorn themed gifts that all kids, big or small, will love:

Unicorn Erasers

Erasers are one way of showing off for little kids. Bringing it out of the pencil box and showing it to everyone around is a funny, yet a cute way in which little skids win our hearts.

Unicorn erasers simply add to the gesture. A recommended unicorn gift for kids, it is sure to make correcting their mistakes on paper more fun. Since these erasers come in different variants, kids won’t be able to resist the urge to keep adding more and more to their collection of unicorn erasers!

Unicorn Keychain

Keychains are another major attraction for boys and girls of all age. Unicorn keychains can make for a perfect gift for all the unicorn-crazy kids! They are made of PVC material that is safe to use and does not cause any harm. They pretty unicorn designs of the keychains can be attached to any bags and flaunted off.

Ceramic Mugs - Unicorn

Coffee mugs are a common item in homes, and offices. But instead of the same old coffee mugs, what if there were unicorn themed coffee mugs? Everybody would love it, and they would make the place look more colorful and interesting.

So the next time you’re gifting something, think about unicorn theme mugs and surprise people with your creative choices!

Unicorn theme mugs are sure to add elegance to the place, and the print on the mug is a funny, sarcastic saying that can be a great conversation starter.

Unicorn Pencil Pouch

Pencil pouches are another great gifting option. But a better option than a pencil pouch, is a unicorn theme pencil pouch.

A unicorn pencil pouch makes a simple pouch look better and more elegant. The material used is soft and smooth, and is definitely one of the best unicorn themed gifts, especially in India where children carry more pencils and pens. The zips of these pouches are strong and sturdy, and hold an adequate amount of pens and pencils.

Unicorn Collectible Tin Boxes

Collecting things is a  hobby for most people. Gifting something that can hone their hobby is sure to make you a reliable person. Unicorn collectible tin boxes are wonderful unicorn gifts that can be gifted to little girls to keep their clips or crayons in or for boys to keep their cars in.

These unicorn collectible boxes have special unicorn illustrations on them that are cute and are one of the best gifts that can be given to anyone, from a small kid to an adult!

Unicorn LED Flashing Pin Badge

A simple trait of a small kid is that he or she tags along with a group that they wish to identify with. Right from a nature club to a girl club or a boy club, it a tendency of kids to get together and form a group that is exclusive to people they like.

And what’s a club without an emblem! Unicorn LED flashing pin badge can be one of the more interesting unicorn gifts for all the little kids who can make these ping badges as badges for their little groups.

As funny as it sounds, it a really cool gift, especially when offered on a birthday.

Unicorn EyeGlass Case

Unicorn eyeglass case is the best gift for a kid with spectacles, and it does not make them feel left out either.

These eyeglass cases have unicorn prints on them, and are sure to make the kid using them look cool and trendy!

Instead of the regular eyeglass cases, unicorn themed eyeglass cases are always a better option for all the unicorn fans out there.

Cute Mini Unicorn Diary

Kids love things that add value to their stationery collection while making them look cool at the same time.

Special items such as a cute mini unicorn diary is one such thing. Little kids, especially girls, will be thrilled to have these diaries in their collections. Small diaries to write simple things or even to doodle on are a very cute idea for unicorn themed gifts.

Unicorn Shape Backpack

Bags are big deal for little kids who are just starting school. To make school not sound like a scary concept, a friendly unicorn bag may just be the right choice.

Unicorn backpacks are unicorn themed bags that can accommodate simple things such as a few books and a water bottle. The lovely and bright colors of these bags can make a kid feel less scared in a new place, and get them more interested in studying.

Unicorn Party Bag

Party bags are yet another major attraction in parties. Party bags can be a great choice when you are unable to pick one single return gift for your guests, or even a gift for an occasion.

When it comes to birthday parties of kids, packing multiple cute things in a unicorn party bag as a gift can be the best gift they receive.

The large size of the bag can accommodate various gifts, and chocolates. Once gifted, the bag can also be reused. So, wherever the kid goes, the bag tags along!

Unicorn gifts are cute, and add more elegance to a party. Whether they are received as birthday gifts, or are simple unicorn themed return gifts, it is always a pleasure to gift or receive these subtle themed articles, that are pleasing to the eye, and pleasing to the kids too!


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