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10 Rupees Gift Item Ideas

Gifting in a country like India is a serious business. One has to make sure that their gift is liked by everyone and that their gift is within their budget.

To help you pick the best gift items for a birthday, or even as a return gift, we have put together a list of cute and useful things, most of which come under Rs. 10!

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Fruit Sharpener

What excites little children more than things they can show off to their friends! Sharpeners are items of everyday use for sharpening pencils. And instead of the regular sharpeners, wouldn’t it be nice if they could have different sharpeners that interest them? A fruit sharpener comes in shapes of different fruits and look very pretty!

They are available under Rs. 10, and can also be used as a return gift for birthday parties of kids!

Capsule Cartoon Ball Pen

Pens are a major attraction for kids when they are in school; and especially the ones that make writing fun with lovely and artistic designs on them. Capsule cartoon ball pen is cartoon printed capsule expandable ball pen that gives the kids a butter-smooth writing experience. They are light-weight and easy to grip for kids, and look cute as items for a return gift.

Fancy Popcorn Pencils

Items of school use are boring. Everybody knows that. And receiving the boring looking items of school use as birthday gifts or return gifts is even more boring!

To make sure that your gift stands out of this boring crowd, just pick a set of fancy pencils and offer the best gift you can. Fancy pencils are simply regular pencils, but with an animal theme. These wonderful pencils are priced below 10 rs., and are sure to draw a lot of attention from the kids.

Paper Quiling Strips

A lot of kids begin exploring their creative side at a very young age. Paper quilling is one of the easiest arts a kid can indulge in, if started at a young age. Paper qulling strips can be a wonderful birthday gift for a young artist, and you can gift more of them since they are available just for Rs. 10!

Bright and beautiful colors can help a kid to explore more in their young age, and move on to advanced arts.

Paper quilling strips can be folded and used as one needs to create marvellous artworks from simple strips of paper.

Orbeez Water Jelly Ball Bag

Water beads are everyone’s favorite, whether a kid or an adult. Simply watching the magic unfold from very little beads to large sized jelly balls is something that manages to gets everyone’s attention.

Orbeez water jelly ball bag can make an interesting birthday gift or a return gift for both adults and children. It even fits your budget as it is available for Rs. 10.

Water jelly balls are water absorbent beads that grow ten times their size when put in water. They can be a good alternative for soil-free cultivation of flowers or even for simply decorating your room. They are biodegradable and non-toxic and also reusable!

Magic Tissue Tablet

Kids and magic are two things that are inseparable. And if this magic is something they can do by themselves, it is even better!

Magic tissue tablet automatically transforms into a napkin when water is poured on it. It is a useful and interesting gift for boys and girls of all age. It does not even make a mess as it requires little water and the napkin helps clean the mess too.

Wax crayons

Every child loves crayons. They are their tickets to a wonderful, colorful world that they can design on their own. Crayons also make for pocket-friendly return gifts below 10 rs, and are an absolute winner with the kids.

Chocolate Goodie bag

Goodie bags are always the safest choice. You can put together multiple things and make your birthday or return gift stand out from the rest. For cheaper options, you can simply collect different types of chocolates or candies and put them together in a simple, yet cute bag and hand them to your guests. Nobody says no to chocolates!

Bubble maker

bubble maker

Have you ever met anybody who did not like making bubbles? Bubble maker toys are the simplest objects that are definite to bring a smile to everyone’s faces, especially kids!

Bubble makers are available for 10 rupees and below, and in colorful variants. Go ahead, add more rainbows to your party!

Sticker Set

Stickers have always been popular and a pride of a kid’s stationery collection. These stickers go on notebooks, writing pads, geometry boxes, pencil boxes, you name it!

Sticker sets contain different sets of stickers, all of which are interesting to kids, and are available in multiple colors variants.

Gifting sticker sets to kids is always a right choice.

Buying gifts is not an easy task at all. After all, you need to buy a gift that is appreciated by your guests and does not break your bank either.

Gifting elder kids needs more thoughts and inputs as the adolescent kids may not always like things that small kids will. Many gifting options for return gifts under Rs. 25 are available that offer the best return gift you can buy without a lot of damage to the pocket.

As the most convenient option available these days when one wants to find something is to find it online. Similarly with gifts. Looking for gifts online helps a user buy the right gift and for a pocket-friendly price. Gifting websites are constantly updated and offer a variety of products to choose from with just a few clicks!

In order to make sure that the price you’re paying for the gift is perfect, first get an idea by looking at your options from various places online.

That way, you’re sure to get the best value for your money!



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