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6 New Toys & Games for Kids

Toys and games are the biggest attraction for children in their growing up years. As their age progresses, their choices in toys also changes. Different variants of toys interest children at different ages, and more often than not, it is a difficult task to pick the right toy for the kid.


To help this process become easier, we have collected a list of toys for different age groups that are sure to catch the attention of the kids:


Tic Tac Toe Game

A simple, yet mind-boggling game, the tic-tac-toe game is being played for ages now. Tic tac toe game helps kids develop their thinking ability and improves their strategy-making skills. Simple placing of the X’s and O's help a child think better, and think before they make the next move.

It is one of the best, yet the most simplistic game to instill values of strategy in children.


UNO for kids

UNO is the classic and the most loved card games of all times. Not only children, but adults enjoy the game with just as much the same enthusiasm. The special action cards that deliver game-changing moments is just the right trick to make children think before they put down the next card!

The anticipation coupled with the rush to win the round, and yell UNO before getting caught just moments before victory is a full package for children to keep their eyes and eyes open at all times. UNO for kids is definitely a great choice for kids to start learning smart games at an early age.


Fun Magic Mini Kaleidoscopes

Handing educational toys to children at a young age can develop their cognitive abilities, and improve their retaining skills. One such educational but still an interesting toy is a kaleidoscope. Magic kaleidoscopes are simple optical toys in a tube that produce symmetrical shapes and figures as tiny bits of colored glasses are reflected by mirrors placed on all sides.

Kaleidoscopes are sure to be liked by both boys and girls alike.

To increase the understanding of how basic concepts of science work, children can also be guided to make their own kaleidoscope using simple materials.

One can buy the materials required to make an advanced kaleidoscope online on arts and crafts websites.

3D Figure Assembly DIY Toy

Another effective way of getting children interested in science is by allowing the children to make their own things using DIY kits, and letting them explore the educational aspects of games and toys without being bored.


DIY kits such as animal structures, building constructions, places, etc., can help both boys and girls to develop various skills such as concentration, hand-to-eye co-ordination, and confidence along with their creativity.


Assembly toys where the kids have to assemble the different parts first, and later add a creative touch with paint can be very fruitful in an overall development of the kids.


Parents, guardians and teachers can buy the assembly toys online, and rely on one of the best methods for their kids to learn and grow.


Mikado Spiel Wooden Stick Game


Mikado Spiel Wooden Stick Game is the best gift that can be given to children above five years of age.

This wooden stick game is simple and yet the most challenging game. In this game, one player throws around all the stick first, and then tries to pick the sticks up one by one without touching the other sticks.

Playing this game requires immense amounts of concentration, and hand-to-eye coordination.

If a player touches other sticks, they stop playing the game, and let the next player play. The player with the highest amount of sticks, wins.

This game is available online with a discount, and is a good choice for children in the learning and growing age.

Tetris Wood Puzzle Game

The tetris wooden game puzzle is a physical and real-life version of the famous Tetris video game. Just as much as the video game, the real life version also requires the same amount of skill and vision to understand how a part would fit into other parts.

It enables children to think more openly and try out options without settling for one thing.

The tetris wooden game puzzle is also a DIY game where children can make pistols, human robots, etc., using the colorful blocks.

This game aims at developing the color-shape recognition skills of children along with developing their mind and imagination power.


A lot of these games can be bought online, and are available on a discount. Moreover, apart from these ideas, a car is also a great idea for kid. Both boys and girls like playing around and racing cars.


To make the process of playing with cars more educational, the children can be given simple DIY remote control cars where the children assemble the parts of the car first, and play with it later.


It is important for games in the growing years of children to be educational and more skill-inducing. Games are a great way to enhance the skill-set of a person, while making the process of learning more interesting.


Toys and games for kids can be used for both learning and teaching, and thus become an important aspect of growing up. Game-based learning helps children learn with meaning and understand things by themselves in a better way. To be a well-respected member of the society these days requires more than just the basic skills of reading and writing.  It allows children to discover new methods of working towards achieving goals and objectives in an interactive manner.


DIY games such as building blocks, clay modelling, and interactive games has shown more results in advanced learning than the age-old methods.


Allowing children to play games such as tetris, tic tac toe helps children understand their surroundings better, and more importantly, it helps them understand their competitors better. Children learn to analyze the skills and weaknesses of their opponents and develop strategies around the skills of their opponents, thus making themselves better at every stage.


Game-based learning should be the norm everywhere, and the toys in our list should be on everyone’s list too!


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