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 Best Gift Ideas for Dad

 “A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”, such is the love of a father in our lives. And if its his birthday or father’s day, you can express your love towards him by gifting him a very unique and special present. Your dad has worked all his life to earn a good living for you then its your duty to express your regards towards him by giving him a special gift.

In this article we discuss some very interesting, cool and useful gift ideas for a father. These gift ideas would be ideal no matter whether you are a daughter or a son. We present gift ideas for different price constraints and you can buy these gift items online at BulkHunt. BulkHunt provides very unique gifts for all occasions at discounted rates.

These gift ideas are perfect for men and the suggestions will fit depending on the personality of the father. Even if your dad has everything, he would still love to receive lovely gifts from you


  1. Pair of jogging shoes

 sport shoes

Are you concerned about the health of your father? If the answer is yes then gift him a pair of sports shoes. You can specifically choose high quality brands such as Nike to ensure that his feet are protected while he jogs. These days there are shoes with inbuilt acupressure sole in them which would help him stay fit. There can be no bigger gift than gifting good health to your father. Be it his birthday or father’s day, a pair of jogging shoes are ideal for both the occasions.


  1. Cool Neck Pillow

If your dad has to travel a lot for business then a cool and comfortable neck pillow would be a good gift item. The neck pillow suggested in the picture is a filled with foam and made of very soft material. It has a simple yet very cool design on it. It is ideal of all age groups. Your dad would love this adorable piece of neck pillow

  1. Eyeglass case


What else could be more thoughtful gift for a man wearing glasses than an eyeglass case ! The eyeglass case suggested in the picture can hold spectacles and reading glasses. It is not suitable for sun glasses. It’s has a magnetic closing mechanism and made of unbreakable material. Thus, it will protect the glasses inside it. If you are still in school then probably you can hide this eyeglass case on the day of your exam results. Eyeglass case can be a very unique gift item from a daughter in law to her father in law. You can fill the eyeglass case with some interesting items and make a complete gift set.


  1.   Lighting Mug



If something cool and funny is on your mind then you can think about gifting a lighting mug. You can make his drinks interesting by lighting the cup up. It’s a very unique and out of the box gift item for men in general. Although this may not be a complete gift idea in itself, but it can be a part of a complete gift set. The Mug lights up as soon as you add drink to it. You can buy the lighting beer mug at BulkHunt at very cheap price – Rs 199. BulkHunt is the only online site that sells gift items for adults & kids at wholesale price


  1. Microfiber Lens Cleaner

If your dad wears glasses and is looking for an easy and simple way to clean his lenses then microfiber lens cleaner would be a very useful gift item. Microfiber lens cleaner cleans the lenses without your hands touching the lenses. It is made of premium anti smuth microfiber. It can be easily carried in the pocket and ensure that your dad has a clear vision.  It’s a very inexpensive item and you can combine it in your gift combo.

  1. Cute Set of Highlighter Pens

A set of highlighter pens containing 6 colors would be an ideal gift for a man interested in reading and taking notes. There are various variety of fancy as well as plain highlighter pens available online. The highlighter pen suggested here are emoji style and are designed for gifting purposes. You can buy them online at BulkHunt. If you are a daughter and you wish to gift a unique present to your father or father in law then this set would be the best. These are available at very reasonable prices such as Rs. 149. BulkHunt offers discounted wholesale prices online.


  1. Fancy Coffee Mug


How about a beautifully printed ceramic coffee mug? You can make your dad remember you every morning if you gift him this fancy and cool ceramic coffee mug. Its very affordable and reasonably priced ceramic mug at Rs. 199. You can buy it online at BulkHunt. There are multiple prints available and you can choose a perfect print for your father depending on his personality. Even if your dad has everything, his happiness would be immense if you gift him something very special and unique.


  1. Stylish Watch


If your dad loves wearing a stylish watch to his office then a high quality and premium watch would be a perfect gift for him. It could be an expensive gift but it will be completely worth especially if its his 50th birth anniversary. Ensure to choose a premium brand and the one which would make him look handsome

  1. French Perfume


Men love wearing attractive perfume which makes them smell good. An expensive bottle of French cologne would be the best gift item for your dad. Especially if you are travelling from far to meet your dad then make sure to bring him something so special.

  1. Massage Chair

massage chair

A massage chair would a perfect gift but very expensive gift for your dad. But if it’s a very special day such as his 50th Birth Anniversary or if you travelling from abroad to meet your dad then it would make more sense to gift him such a special gift. To finance this gift, you can pool money together with your siblings. This would keep him in good health and ensure he stays relaxed and happy. If money can buy relaxation and good health, then that money is worth spending.


Love is beyond money and materialistic stuff in the world. Its all about expression of love. No matter if your dad has everything in this world with him but your display of love and affection for him would give him extreme joy and pleasure. His Birthday and Father’s Day are the two most crucial days every year where you ought to express your affection for him.

Hope we were able to help you make your father happy! Happy Shopping!


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