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 Best Gift Ideas For BoyFriend

Its your relationship anniversary and you might be wondering “What gift should I give to my Boyfriend?” If that’s your problem then don’t worry, in this article we will discuss some very creative, thoughtful and unique gift ideas for your boyfriend. The gift ideas suggested in this article are well thought, super cool and perfect for different for boys of different personalities.

These creative gift items would be perfect for various important occasions such as birthday of your boyfriend or relationship anniversary.  

  1. Bottle of Cologne


What can be more romantic than gifting a perfect set of perfume on your first anniversary. Boys love to wear perfume that makes then smell amazing. Gifting a bottle of cologne is one of the oldest forms of gift given to a man in a relationship. A bottle of cologne is a perfect thing to gift your boyfriend, no matter what his age is. You can choose the brand of cologne based on your budget and his personality.


  1. Unique Coffee Mug

coffee mug

A very special and thoughtful gift item for your boyfriend would be a personalized ceramic coffee mug. You can customize this mug for either your boyfriend’s birthday or anniversary. You can even get a picture of your boyfriend printed on the ceramic mug. No matter how cool your boyfriend is, he will instantly melt in the mug you gift.  

  1. Customized T-shirt

customized t shirt

One of the most creative and simple gift ideas for a guy would be a customized t-shirt. This would be very cost effective and still look extremely cool. You can add some interesting text on the t-shirt. This will not only show your creative side to your boyfriend but also bring the best in your relationship. Ensure there is a contrast in the text and color of the t-shirt. The contrast in colors would make the t-shirt look appealing.


  1. Funny Earphone Set with Mic


You can gift a jaw dropping set of funny earphones with mic. Probably your boyfriend might not have seen such unique, cute and funny pair of earphones. These earphones are uniquely crafted for gifting purposes. There are various designs available and one of the designs is a rabbit earphone. Earphones is the most useful electronic accessory that you can gift your boyfriend. Boys usually love listening to music and you can make him remember you whenever he listens to his favorite song.

  1. Folding Backpack

A very useful gift item for guys is an amazing backpack. Have you noticed that your boyfriend’s backpack is getting old or wearing out? Do you think if you gift him an amazing backpack he would fill with joy? If yes then this is a perfect gift item for him. A folding backpack has got multipurpose utility. It can be used either for hiking, office or travel purposes. It comes with one small bag inside the backpack and it can cost you Rs 299 at BulkHunt.com. Every gift that you buy at BulkHunt is super cheap and available at wholesale rates.

  1. Pottery Sculpting Tool Set


If your boyfriend is creative and an artist than a sculpting tool set would be a very thoughtful, unique and amazing gift item for him. You can combine this sculpting tool set with air drying clay to make a complete combo art set. You can buy this set online at BulkHunt at very cheap rates and you can also get variety of air drying clay in supplement to the tool. The tools are made of high-quality stainless steel and your boy can create any handmade shapes or designs using these tools.


  1. Storage Love Key Chains


These keychains are stylish key chains containing storage box. You can gift a set of 3 such keychains with each containing a beautiful piece of message written by you. This would be a very unique yet cheap gift that you can give your boyfriend. Or you can make this as a complimentary item for his birthday. The storage keychains are made of stainless steel and come in various shapes such as heart, round or square. Also, the print on these keychains can vary such as floral printed or heart printed. Keychain is the simplest yet most memorable gift item.


  1. Multipurpose Cute Zipper Pouch


The most simple, cheap yet cute present for boyfriend’s bday would be a multipurpose zipper pouch. This is a very unique zipper pouch which can be used to carry small daily use items such as earphones, coins, cash, keys or any other such items. It has a hard cover which protects the things inside. It costs Rs 99 on BulkHunt and thus is an inexpensive and budget gift item for birthday of your boyfriend. You can choose either a printed zipper pouch or a plain zipper pouch depending on his personality. It would be a creative and funny gift item for him. You can buy it online at BulkHunt.

  1. Smiley Diary

Smiley emoji diary has been considered as the most funny, creative and amazing gift items. It has become significantly popular in recent times and is widely gifted by girls to their boyfriend or fiancé. You can choose emoji based on the occasion. If its his birthday a cute smile would be perfect but if its anniversary then heart eyed would fit the day. Your boyfriend can store the memories of your relationship in this cute diary.

  1. Insulated Lunch Bag


If you are looking for a very useful gift item under Rs 200, then a cute printed insulated lunch bag would be perfect. The lunch bag is water proof and the material contains a metallic insulation on the inside. It is made of insulated fibre on the outside. Your guy can carry these lunch bag to his office everyday. It will ensure the food remains hot and fresh for longer time frame. It comes is a perfect size to be carried to office and also the prints look cute. It is zipper controlled and has become very popular among office, school or college goers.

Hopefully the above list of unique and special gift items has helped your thoughts to think of some interesting gifts for your boyfriend. You can buy most of these gift items online at BulkHunt at discounted price.

Happy Shopping!


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