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Special Gift Ideas for Mom

"We are born of love; Love is our mother." The quote captures the importance of mother in one’s life and there are two special days every year for a daughter or son to express her or his love towards their mum. The two special days are Mom’s Birthday and Mother’s Day. Mothers sacrifice all their life just to keep the child happy. So these two days offer very unique opportunity for kids to express their love towards their mum.

In this article we discuss some very unique and special gift ideas for either your Mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day.  These gift items can be bought online at BulkHunt.com. BulkHunt is India’s oldest and largest online gift shopping site.


  1. Cute Eyeglass Case



Unicorn printed eyeglass case is a very unique gift item for your mom. The specialty of these eyeglass case is that it has magnetic closure and it is very sturdy. It has very beautiful unicorn printed on it. You can even personalize the eyeglass case by getting your family picture printed on it. Eyeglass case is a very useful gift item for mothers especially if they wear glasses.


  1. Shopping Zipper Bag


If you mom loves shopping and the shopping bag she carries has worn out then probably a fancy zipper bag would a perfect gift for her. Women love shopping and the shopping becomes more exciting if she is carrying a beautifully designed and printed shopping bag. If it your mum’s birthday then you can probably fill the zipper bag with more gift items and make it a combo set.

  1. Fancy Tin Boxes filled with Chocolate

Flamingo mini tin boxes is a wonderful and amazing art piece which can be used a gift item for mother’s day. You can buy probably a pack of 3 such boxes and fill each of these boxes with different types of chocolates. Ladies love chocolates and you can instantly bring smile on face of your mother, once she opens these boxes. Celebrate the happy moments of life with some sweets.

  1. Sequins Travel Pouch

Sequins travel pouch is one of the most popular gift item for women. Sequins has recently become very popular among ladies. Sequins is very unique European fashion feature. It has a color changing ability and you can reverse the colors with your hand movement over the sequins. Sequins travel pouch is the latest fashion accessories for women. If your mom loves trendy products then sequins travel pouch would be an ideal gift for her. And if its her birthday then you can fill this travel pouch with make-up items to complete the gift.


  1. Reversible Sequins Diary

Similar to Sequins Travel Pouch, Sequins Diary could be a very different and amazing gift for your mother’s birthday. Your mom can store her beautiful memories in this diary and the diary itself can serve as a sweet memory. You can combine the sequins diary with a beautiful set of pen or a sling bag.


  1. Silicone Coin Pouch filled with a Gold Coin


If you love traditions and would love to gift something very Indian then a silicone coin pouch with a gold coin would fit the bill. As per Indian traditions gifting gold coin to elders is considered as the best expression of respect and good luck. And your mother is traditional and loves to receive something that she can save for her later life then gold coin would be perfect. You might be wondering this would be an expensive gift but believe us its not. There are 1 gram gold coins which cost around Rs 4000 (as per July 2019). The overall combination of silicone pouch with the gold coin would not cost you not more than Rs 4100.  

  1. Cute Wet Tissue Can

With ever increasing pollution across Indian cities, the best gift item to protect the health of your mother’s skin would be a cute designer wet tissue can. Each wet tissue can contains 30 wet tissues and costs Rs 69. These are specially manufactured wet tissues for protection of skin from harmful pollutants present in the air. Especially if your mother lives in the city and has to travel for work or other purposes then this would be an out of box gift idea.

  1. Wooden Photo Frame


The most heart touching gift that you can gift to your mom is a beautiful wooden photo frame with a beautiful picture of your mother in it. This has been historically the most common and popular gift item for Mother’s day. If you wish to stick to the cliché then this would be the best gift item for your mom’s birthday as well.


  1. Fancy Earphone Pouch



The most affordable yet classy gift item that you can gift your mother is a fancy earphone pouch with a high-quality earphone in it. If your mum loves listening to music then this would be a very thoughtful gift item for her. The earphone pouches are available in various shapes and designs. There are popularly two shapes - round and square. It opens and closes with a black zip. You can buy this awesome gift online at BulkHunt. Chose the design and shape that fits your mother’s taste.


  1. Sling Bag

The easiest way to make your mom happy is to gift her a stylish and designer sling bag. Although it is easy to impress a lady with a beautiful sling bag, it is very important to be careful about her taste. You need to keep in mind the colors your mom loves, the utility of sling bag for her and type of bags she usually carries. Its very crucial to keep these 3 factors into perspective prior to choosing the best gift for your mum.


The list of 10 gift ideas is very unique and out of box. Hopefully these gift items turn out to be very unique and thoughtful for you. You can buy these gifts and even more at BulkHunt. BulkHunt provides the cheapest and most affordable rates online in India. They even offer cash on delivery and huge discounts on various products.

Happy Mother’s Day !



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