9 Gift Ideas for Housewarming | Griha Pravesh Ceremony

9 Gift Ideas for Housewarming | Griha Pravesh Ceremony

Housewarming is one of the most auspicious ceremony according to Indian tradition. It is the most joyous day in one’s life and marks the beginning of new life. In this article we will suggest some really unique and popular gift items, for the important occasion of Griha Pravesh.


Silver Dinner Set

silver dinner set

A silver gift item would be the most suitable gift item for the important occasion of housewarming ceremony. However, a complete silver dinner set would be very expensive and cost more than Rs. 50,000. But if the person who is being gifted is a very close family member then probably a silver gift item would be apt. If budget is a constraint then probably you can gift a pair of silver glasses instead of a complete dinner set. Even silver coins would do a great job and look royal. Gifting silver is considered to be the best token for Vastu Shanti pooja.


1 Gram Gold Coin

gold coin

What can be more royal than gifting a gold coin on the day of entering a new house. 1 gram gold coin is the most popular gift item for gruha pravesh ceremony. People from each part of India have traditionally gifted gold on the inauguration of a new house. 1 Gram gold coin would be well within your budget as well. It will cost you around Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 depending on the price of gold. But 1 gram gold coin is well affordable especially if the person you are gifting is someone very close. If gold does not fit your budget then you may choose to gift a silver coin.

Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag

If it’s a women whom you are gifting then a beautiful toiletry bag filled with cosmetic items would be a perfect gift item. As it is the opening of a new house, toiletry bag would be the most useful gift item that you can gift. The items you gift would serve a purpose. You can chose a stylish and unique toiletry bag and add some really interesting cosmetic items in it. The overall gift can cost you anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 1500, depending on what items you wish to add to the bag.


Traditional Handmade Envelopes with Cash


If you wish to follow the Indian traditions then the simplest gift that you give is an attractive handmade envelope filled with cash of Rs. 1100. Although presenting money as a form of gift is an old Indian tradition, it can be made interesting by using a uniquely designed envelope. The unique envelope will make you stand out of the crowd and make your present look amazing. After all when it’s a matter of first home, then everything has to be something special and unique.

Insulated Zipper Bag

insulated zipper bag

A very unique and thoughtful gift could be a beautifully printed and insulated zipper bag. You can fill the zipper bag with additional small gift items that align with the ceremony of opening a new house. Such a cute zipper bag would cost somewhere between Rs. 300 to Rs 500. And if you add some more interesting stuff then your total budget would be around Rs 1000. You can add certain home accessories in the zipper bag. Home accessories would be suitable for the occasion of Vastu Pooja.

Cute Zipper Pouch

zipper pouch

If the family you are gifting to has kids then gifting a cute zipper pouch filled with fancy school stationary would definitely make them happy. During Griha Pravesh function, kids are most excited about the gifts they might receive. You can fill such fancy zipper pouch with attractive items such as key chains, perfumes or any other attractive items. The fancy zipper pouch can be a cheap yet attractive gift item for housewarming ceremony. It can cost you anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 300.

Luggage Tag as Return Gift

luggag tag

If you are planning a return gift for many guest at your new house then a fancy luggage tag can be very unique and useful gift item. Each luggage tag will cost you anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 150. So it can serve as a perfect return gift for the opening of your new home. Luggage tag can be used by the guests to tag their bags and it serves as a good bag identity.

Keychain Pouch as Return Gift

key chain pouch

Another very cheap yet unique return gift for the guests at your housewarming ceremony can be a keychain pouch. Silicone keychain pouch are made of material that can be very flexible and it regains its shape no matter how you press it. It is very affordable and cheap. It can cost anywhere between Rs 100 to Rs 125. You can add a silver coin in the pouch and make it a perfect gift for the inauguration function. Indian families loves to receive the precious metal and you can make them happy by gifting the precious metal in a cute pouch.

Set of Straw Bottle

straw bottle

One very unique gift item that you can present at the housewarming party is a set of beautiful straw bottles. If the family has kids that go to school then this set of straw bottles would be very useful to those kids. The straw bottles recommended in this article are very high-quality bottle with unique modern design. These straw bottles can be bought only at exclusive online stores such as Bulkhunt.com. Each bottle would cost anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 500. If not the bottles only, you can make a combo or Straw bottles with lunch box and a lunch bag. This would be a very useful gift item that you can gift to the family on the occasion of opening of their first home.  

The 9 listed ideas for Housewarming ceremony are very popular gift items. These ideas are a combination of traditional and modern gift items. If you are finding it difficult to search for such items then you easily buy these products at BulkHunt.com online. BulkHunt.com provides return gift items online at bulk rates.

Hope the article has helped you decide the best gift item for the occasion of Griha Pravesh!


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