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9 Best Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

  One thing that is sure to be unpredictable is the mood of your girlfriend and the only thing that can help you reduce this unpredictability is giving a unique and perfect gift to your girlfriend. Presenting lovely gifts to your girlfriend is sure to keep her mood happy and your mind in peace.

In this article we will discuss some unique and special gift ideas to be gifted a girlfriend on her birthday, valentine’s day, Christmas or any other special occasion. The gifts suggested in this article are the latest gift items and very unique.

Cute Sling Bag

sling bag

The one thing that can instantly bring smile on the face of your girlfriend is a printed sling bag. A sling bag with multiple pockets in it can be easily carried by the girl. Your girlfriend can use it to keep her make-up items, mobile phone and other items. A cool sling bag would be the one with beautiful picture printed on it. A cute sling bag is the most thoughtful gift that you can gift to your girlfriend.


Lovely Designer Earphones

rabbit earphones

Music is something that every girl loves. Gifting a lovely pair of earphones would express your care towards her especially if she loves listening to music. Nothing can be more romantic than gifting a beautiful and lovely pair of earphones. As shown in the picture there are some really cute pair of earphones which specially designed for girls. These earphones are high quality earphone which look really beautiful as well. 

Glitter Reversible Chain Pouch

glitter pouch

The reversible pouch is a very unique chain pouch. It is one of the most popular designs available in the market. The chain pouch is a multipurpose pouch which can be used to keep make-up items and or any other items. It is a very easy to carry and can be carried in the hand bag. It is an inexpensive gift item for occasions such as Christmas or any other festival. It can function as a cosmetic bag or a travel purse. It can be carried in hand to a party and would still look amazing. There are a variety of colors available in the market and you can gift a pack of 3 romantic colors.

Art & Craft Kit

washi tape

If your girlfriend is creative and loves art and craft, then nothing can be more perfect than gifting her a craft kit containing various craft items such as paper design, washi tape and so on. A craft kit would be the most unique and thoughtful gift that a boy can gift to her girlfriend. This is a perfect gift item for special occasion such as her birthday. Although this gift item is unique, it is suitable only to specific set of girls who have strong passion for art.

Zipper Lunch Bag

lunch bag


Whether she goes to office or a college, gifting her a beautiful zipper lunch bag would be an ideal and useful gift item. Although lunch bag sounds like a boring gift idea but in reality, it can be very interesting and beautiful gift item. It can be turned into a beautiful gift item based on the design and print that you choose. Choosing a beautifully printed lunch bag with a lovely zip would be a very thoughtful gift item. As shown in the image, these are very uniquely designed lunch bags for ladies.

Cute Ceramic Mug

ceramic mug

 What can be more romantic than sharing a hot cup of coffee in a cute ceramic mug gifted to your girlfriend by you. Girls love to keep a wardrobe of beautiful and unique coffee mugs to drink their favorite beverage from it. You can get a picture of your girlfriend printed on the mug. There are certain customized printing service providers, who can get her beautiful picture printed on it. A lovely ceramic mug is on the top of the list of romantic gift items that you can gift your girlfriend.


Romantic Key Chain

romantic key chain

Key Chain is a small but most memorable gift item that your girlfriend would love. She will always remember you whenever she uses her keys to open the door. It is something which will make her thing about you all the time. The romantic key chain is a perfect small gift for occasions such as valentine’s day or her birthday. Key Chains have historically been the symbol of expression of love.

Cute Coin Earphone Pouch

earphone pouch

Coin Earphone pouch is a small but very useful gift item. Although it is not a complete gift in itself but it can be a supporting gift item to your gift kitty. It has a zip by which it can opened or closed. It can easily be carried in pocket or hand bag. Ladies can keep coins, earphones or other small items in this earphone pouch. It is a supplementary item in a girl’s handbag.

Make-up Kit

nail art kit

One thing that is sure to make a girl happy is presenting her cosmetics as gift. A thoughtfully designed make-up kit would be an ideal gift item for your girlfriend. It is the most popular gift item and tops the list of gift items preferred by women. Ladies love to dress up prior to every occasion and a make-up kit would add to their beauty. Make-up Kit would be a very special gift for special occasions such as her birthday, valentine’s day or Christmas. You can even add nail art kit to the make-up kit.

Hopefully the exhaustive list of gift ideas for your girlfriend has helped you in selecting the most optimal gift based on your budget, the occasion and the personality of your girlfriend. The items mentioned in the above list are available at wholesale prices on Bulkhunt.com. Bulkhunt provides specializes in gifting domain and provides a wide range of gift items at wholesale rate across India.

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