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11 Best Gift Ideas for Teachers from Student

In this article 11 unique gift items would be suggested, which can be gifted to a teacher by his/her student. These gifts would be compatible for occasions such as teacher’s day, school farewell or any other special day in a teacher’s life. The article will discuss gifts for both male and female teachers.  

Gifts for Female Teacher

Choosing a gift for female teacher can be a challenging task because the student has to maintain a balance between usefulness, uniqueness, fanciness and simplicity. 

Sling Bag

Sling Bag is one the most popular gift items for a female teacher. Sling bag has an everyday utility and teachers can carry it to the school. Women love to have a wardrobe full of variety of bags. Gifting something useful would be the best thing a student can do to pay respect towards the teacher

Eyeglass case

Eyeglass case can be a very unique yet attractive gift item for a teacher. A student can choose eyeglass case as a gift item depending on whether the teacher wears glasses or not. But statistically most teachers do wear eyeglasses given the nature of the job. Presenting a fancy eyeglass case to a teacher on the occasion of teacher’s day can make the teacher very happy.

Silicone Earphone Pouch

In this modern world of technology, every person carries a pair of earphones to listen to his/her favorite music and teachers are no exception to this reality. Silicone earphone pouch is an interesting gift item for a female teacher. It can not only be used to keep earphones but also to keep small items such as coins, jewelry and much more. A silicone pouch is made up of silicone material which is extremely flexible. It gets squeezed if crushed in the palm but it regains its original shape once released. It is an inexpensive gift.

Multipurpose pouch

Multipurpose pouch can be a very good present for a female teacher from a student. It can act as a support to her sling bag. It can help the female teacher carry her phone, keys, makeup stuff and other items in it. It is light weight and inexpensive. Presenting a multipurpose pouch to a lady teacher can make the student look very creative and unique. Be it the teacher’s birthday or end of the year school party, multipurpose pouch fits for all occasions.  

Cloth Pen Stand

A cloth pen stand is a perfect gift item for a teacher. The lady can keep it on her desk to keep her stationery in it. There are various creative designs of cloth stand available in the market. An ideal pen stand would be one with at least 4 to 5 pockets of different sizes in it. This would help the teacher to organize her stationary items. Cloth pen stand can be kept in the classroom on the teacher’s desk. It is a very special, unique, useful and creative gift item that a student can gift to a female teacher.  

 Milkshake Glass

If the teacher is a foodie then milkshake glass would be a perfect gift item for her. It is a nice gift item for a foodie and can be very cheap too. Milkshake glasses come in variety of shapes, colors and designs. The one we suggest is in the ice-cream shaped milkshake glass. This is a very unique design and new to the market. What more can a teacher ask if her student gift her something she loves.

Fancy Wet Tissue Can

 Commuting everyday between home and school in a city can be very testing for the skin of a teacher. Wet Tissues is a very useful item that can help the teacher look fresh and protect her skin from dust and pollution. Gifting a plain wet tissue set can be very boring. But when the wet tissues come in very fancy and attractive designs, it becomes a very creative item. Probably the teacher will never forget the student for receiving a fancy looking wet tissue can. Specially designed wet tissue can can cost anywhere between Rs. 75 to Rs. 100. Presenting a pack of 3 would be ideal.

Gifts for Male Teacher

A male teacher has a very special taste of gifts that he would prefer to receive. A male teacher would demand something high on utility and simplicity. Presenting a formal gift item would be ideal for a male teacher.

Office Backpack

Office backpack would be the most useful gift item for a male teacher. He can carry his books, pen, laptop and other material in the backpack. It is the most commonly used item by a male teacher. A male teacher would prefer a simple version of backpack than a fancy one. A backpack can be at times be expensive depending on the budget of the student. But it can be a suitable gift item for important occasions such as teacher’s day or his birthday.


Gifting a formal shirt to a male teacher may sound cliché but it can be one the most useful gift that a student can give to his teacher. But in order to gift a shirt, the student must know the size of the shirt that would fit the teacher. This can be done by either discussing it with the male teacher or making a guesswork. Good brands usually offer a replacement policy. Thus, incase the shirt does not fit the teacher, the student can get it replaced for the teacher.


Everything that can be gifted to a male teacher is a cliché. Although pen is a cliché gift item for a man but the design of a pen can be very unique and creative. There are various brands that offer high quality expensive pens for gifting purposes. A male teacher can carry that pen everyday to the class and use the same to give good grades to the students. Pen can also be an inexpensive gift item for regular occasions such as school parties and gatherings.


Diary can used by the male teacher to write notes and maintain reminders of important everyday tasks. Diary has been the most popular gift item for a male teacher historically. There is a very unique variety of diary called Lego Diary. These are a bit fancy version of traditional diary. Diary is a gift item that is high on utility and a male teacher would definitely appreciate it.

Hopefully the above list of gift items for teachers might have helped you figure out the right present that you would like to gift your teacher !  




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