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12 Cheap Yet Best Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Parties for children are a very big deal, and they need to be treated that way. For children, parties only mean food, music, games, and most importantly, return gifts!

If you’re planning a party, especially a kid’s birthday party, one of the important things that need to be on your list is the return gift for the kids who attend the party. Make it a point to allocate a budget to this important factor, and the kids will love you forever!

It an easy task to find good quality gifts online in India. You can get the best return gifts at really cheap prices!

To help you find the best return gift for kids, we have put together a list of 12 amazing return gift ideas that are available at a low price and something the kids will love.

Unicorn Pens

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unicorn pens

Kids are obsessed with writing! They will just keep writing, mainly to imitate the adults around them, and otherwise because they are thrilled to use pens. A smooth pen that glides over the paper is one of the best ideas to make your return gift wonderful for the children, especially if it comes with a unicorn at the top!

Different colored unicorn pens are sure to get the kids at the birthday party thrilled about their return gifts. The best part? They are available at cheap prices!

 Pencils with Eraser Top

@Rs 11/- Only at BulkHunt!

pencils with erasers top

Cute pencils that come with erasers on the top are always a favorite for the kids. They look good, they smell good, and they can be shown off very easily! Do the kids need any other USPs than these?

The best part about pencils with eraser tops is that they easily qualify for return gifts under ₹25

Watermelon Gel Pens

@Rs 25/- Only at BulkHunt!

watermelon pens

The usual pens for kids are very boring to kids. It is very unlikely that kids will like pens that do not appeal to them.

Watermelon gel pens can be the unique return gift you give them to make the idea of pens interesting to them! Watermelon gel pens are easy to use gel pens that work smoothly on paper, and look like watermelon slices.

A fun and a unique gift that fits your budget, and something that kids will absolutely love!

LED Finger Rings

@Rs 25/- Only at BulkHunt!

led finger rings

Rings are a major attraction for kids. And rings that come with LED lights on them? Definitely yes!

LED finger rings are sure to give your party a different buzz altogether, and they can also make for great souvenirs for kids to take back home.

Pencil Pouch

@Rs 125/- Only at BulkHunt!

pencil pouch

Another good quality return gift to fit your budget is pencil pouches with 3D eyes on it!

Pencil pouches with 3D eyes on it will definitely get the attention of kids because of their uniqueness. The pouches are sturdy, and look vibrant with so many colors to choose from!

They should on your list of go-to return gifts under ₹200!

Superheroes 2-in-1 Money Bank Pen stand

@Rs 149/- Only at BulkHunt!

superhero pen stand

Kids like pens. Kids like piggy banks. And kids like superheroes. Imagine if all three of these were combined to form a single return gift!

A piggy bank that can also double up as a pen stand, and has a superhero illustration on it is a wonderful return gift for all the tiny tots that attend your party.

Whenever the kids wants, it can be a pen stand, and they lid can simply be closed shut to turn it into a piggy bank!

You can find these 2-in-1 money bank pen stand online at an affordable and low price.

Soft Bag Dinosaur

@Rs 199/- Only at BulkHunt!

soft bag dinasour

When little kids start school, one of the most interesting things for them is the bag that they carry to the pre-school. The funkier the bag, the happier the kid!

And a soft bag with a dinosaur is just the right choice when it comes to picking a cute return gift for kids who are about to start schooling.

These bags are easy to find online in India, and they come in affordable prices too.

Pirate Telescope

@Rs 169/- Only at BulkHunt!

pirate telescope

Themed gifts are a good choice to give a return gift to kids that they will remember you for; especially something as cool as a pirate telescope!

They also make for great goodie bag fillers, if you plan of giving many gifts to the kids present at your party!

You can find these online for a really low price and add a whole new twist to your party.

Cartoon Insulated Lunch Bags

@Rs 199/- Only at BulkHunt!

cartoon lunch bag

Anything with a lovely cartoon appearance and a fresh color is bound to be liked by the kids. Adding this element to the kids’ lunch bags makes the lunch bag even more interesting.

Insulated lunch bags keep the food inside warm and tasty, and the cartoons on the outside keep the kids happy. It’s a complete win-win!

 Small Reversible Sequin Diary

@Rs 179/- Only at BulkHunt!

sequin diary

Sequin notebooks can be a beautiful return gift for girls! The sequins on the notebooks can be reversed to make designs on the cover.

They are available are really affordable prices and look very glamorous. The creative design gives the notebooks a very classy touch, and the notebook is useful in noting down important points and things to remember.

Burger Notepads

@Rs 149/- Only at BulkHunt!

burger notepads

A lot of kids in the older age groups prefer having gifts that are useful to them. Things to help them remember important points, or things that can help them study better.

A notepad that is easily accessible can be a very thoughtful gift for kids at such an age. To remove the ‘boring’ factor from the notepad, making them look funkier is always a great idea.

A burger notepad is sure to get everyone’s attention the moment is whipped out of the pocket!

 Sandwich Notepads

@Rs 149/- Only at BulkHunt!

While we are at the topic of funky notepads, burger notepads replaced by sandwich notepads will have pretty much the same effect!

They look cool, they draw everyone’s attention, and they are a cute return gift idea!


We hope that this exhaustive list is useful to you in picking the perfect return gift for the kids!


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