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7 Useful Return Gift Ideas for Adults

A birthday party is a merry time for everybody involved. Everyone makes a great effort to make the birthday person feel wonderful. Therefore, is important to say thank you to the people involved for making your birthday even more special. And there is no better way to say thank you than extending a cute thank you gift!

A thank you gift or a return gift is a norm in India where we consider guests are gods. And hence, a token of our heart-felt gratitude towards them for taking their time to join us for the party should be well thought out.

Here we have put together a list of items in various price ranges that can make for a wonderful return gift, especially for adults:

 Unicorn Coin Earphone Pouch

@Rs 49/- Only at BulkHunt!

coin pouch

Everybody uses earphones. And everybody has their earphones completely tangled, and then it is a time consuming task to detangle them before using. So why not go ahead and make at least one everyday task easier for the adults?

A unicorn coin earphone pouch can be a great return gift for all the adults that they will appreciate and absolutely adore!


Tin Storage Keychain

@Rs 25/- Only at BulkHunt!

tin storage

Keychains are always a safe choice to be offered as a return gift. But what if these keychains came with a mini storage to keep little things in?

You can offer these tin storage keychains during the birthday party as little spot prizes or participation prizes for different activities. To make them more thoughtful, you can put little handwritten notes inside the keychain storage. Useful gifts accompanied by handwritten notes are sure to add a personal touch to your thank you gift and make them more meaningful.


Folding Backpack

@Rs 299/- Only at BulkHunt!

folding bag

People in India are always obsessed with making the best out of everything, even if that means using the same bag form multiple purposes! So why not just gift our Indian folks something that can be used in many ways.

A folding backpack is a type of a bag that can easily take the shape of a backpack and then also be folded to look like a pouch. It can be simply folded to be carried like a pouch if you’re bored of carrying your bag on your shoulders.


Magnetic Memopad Notebook

@Rs 99/- Only at BulkHunt!

memo pad

Every adult will confess to this: We. Forget. Things; and all sorts of things! Right from personal life to our work lives, we have forgotten things that may have been important to us.

Memopads can definitely ease up things a little, and especially if those memopads are magnetic.

They can be attached to any magnetic surface and can help everyone, right from adults to kids, to note down important things they do not want to forget.

And be assured that while they are looking at the magnetic memopad notebooks, they are definitely saying to themselves ‘Best gift ever!’


Multipurpose Cloth Pen Stand

@Rs 149/- Only at BulkHunt!

cloth stand

A solution to a clustered table can be the best gift for adults! A cloth stand that can hold multiple objects is always a great choice for everyone. A multipurpose cloth pen stand has little pockets that can store objects such as pens and one large pocket that can store small notebooks.

It can also be used for other purposes such as in the kitchen to hold spoons, or at the dressing table to hold combs and other objects.


Mini Mobile Fan

@Rs 29/- Only at BulkHunt!

mini mobile fan

If your birthday is in the summer, and if you’re also throwing the celebration party in summer, it is only smart to give thank you gifts that suit the weather, especially in India. Sweating makes the summers so annoying that even travelling outside becomes a task.

A goofy gift that can look cute but also beat the heat can be a great gift to say thank you to someone for being at the party. A mini mobile fan is something that everyone will love!

It is easy to plug into mobile phones or laptops and makes the summers a breeze, literally.


Mini Flexible USB Light

@Rs 29/- Only at BulkHunt!

flexible usb light

A lot of adults are a part of the ‘late night’ gang, and even if they are not proud of it, they can’t help it a lot times. But let’s just face it, late nights are inevitable, and if there could be something to make them easier, everyone would love to have it. A mini flexible USB light is one such thing.

It is flexible, and can be easily attached to computers and mobile phones. One can also use it with their reading devices. The LED lamp has a sharp and pure white light that enhances the visibility for the user. And is powered up by solely plugging it into the USB port of any device!

Lights in the room will no longer be a disturbance for others sharing the room.

Even if the late night endeavour cannot be avoided, the experience can definitely be made better!

Apart from these lovely gifts, magnetic bookmarks, paper bookmarks can be wonderful return gifts for the avid readers. And what better than a white board on the refrigerator for the forgetful souls!

Return gifts for adults can be daunting and interesting at the same time, as it is nice to pick out well-thought gifts, but at the same time you need to be careful about your budget.

Simple objects such as bookmarks, earphone pouches are both pleasing to the eye as well as it will make you be remembered for a long time.

Or even better, you can make small gift bags and add multiple things such as the ones we just listed for you, coupled with a few edibles such as chocolates. The aim is to make people remember you by giving return gifts that will thank them and be useful to them.

A few things to keep in mind while buying thank you gifts are that thank you gifts should not be big and bulky. They must be easy to carry. And more importantly, keep a guest profile in mind to help you choose better!

Happy return gifting to you!


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