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10 Creative Clay Modelling Ideas for Kids

There is something very soothing about playing with clay even as an adult. The soft nature of clay allows children to let their imagination run wild. Clay modelling also helps in developing the motor skills of children.

You would be surprised to know that some of the greatest scientists were enthusiastic about clay modelling and playing with clay!

So if this has inspired you to let your kids experiment with clay, here are a few creative ideas to get started at:

 Clay Animals

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Clay modelling is a simple art and making clay animals can be a very simple yet thrilling exercise for kids.

If you are stuck at how to make clay animals, you can begin simply by making a cat.

First, choose any color such as orange or black, and make a big round out of clay. Similarly, make a smaller round of clay. Place the smaller round on the bigger round. Make two triangle shapes and place them on the smaller round to make ears for the cat. Now, make eyes and whiskers for the cat using black colored clay, and let it dry for some time. Your first clay animal is ready!

Once a cat is done, just grab a packet of kid-friendly clay that is available in multiple colors, and let the imagination of kids take over!


Air dry clay bowls

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air dry

Air-dry clay is a safe-to-use clay that is easy to mould and does not require baking. It is ideal for kids that are adept at clay modelling as well as children who are just beginning to explore.

Clay bowls and clay plates can be a great exercise for kids to model something they can use in real life too!

As air dry clay is white in color, kids can develop their creativity more by painting the clay bowls and clay plates with colors of their choice.

Clay Craft with Terracotta Clay

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air dry clay

Air dry terracotta clay is also a good element for kids to begin clay modelling. Terracotta clay craft can include a variety of crafts such as making simple real life articles such as trays.

Kids can make simple rectangular structures out of clay that can be air-dried easily and can be used immediately for storing simple things.

 Birthday Cake Clay Modelling

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clay return gift

Birthday cakes are always an attraction for kids. What if they could make their own cake out of clay art that they are newly learning?

You can pick a clay set with different colors, and mould the clay into a cake shape.

Wondering how to make a cake out of clay?

Pick some clay and mould it into small cylinder shapes with a flat top and a flat base. Repeat the process with two more colors. Place them on top of each other. Now you have a cake with three different color layers! You can decorate it with beads and sequins to make it look pretty.

 Clay Flowers

Flowers are a major attraction for children while growing up. Making simple clay flowers can be a very interesting activity for kids. You can help the kids begin with simple flowers such as a few round petals stuck to a round centre. Eventually, the kids can move on to more advanced clay arts such as making a rose flower out of clay.

Clay Lantern

An effective method of making kids develop interest in clay modelling activities is to help them build clay art that can be used by them. Clay lanterns are both easy to make and easy to use for kids.

Here’s a simple guide on how to make a clay lantern:

You can pick a multi-color clay set that is easy to mould and does not require baking. Start by creating a hollow tube of any color. The hollow in the tube can be big enough to hold a candle. Once a tube has been moulded, use a thin pointed object, such as a safety pin, to poke holes in the lantern. Make sure that the kids use the object with care, and do not hurt themselves.

This is a great activity as children can also learn to make their favorite designs in the moulded objects. Allow the lantern to air-dry normally. Once the lantern has been dried, place a candle inside the lantern, and light it. The holes in the lantern will make a wonderful shadow design in the shadows!

 Clay Ring Dish

Moulding clay into small different shaped plates and letting those air-dry can also make for a great activity for kids. The plates can be used at kids’ studying tables to place small objects such as erasers, pencil shavings and sharpeners on.

 Polymer Clay Coasters

Articles of home décor such as coasters can also be a fun activity for kids to indulge in. Sounds a little difficult to make?

Here’s how to make coasters out of polymer clay:

Allow the kids to pick a packet of polymer clay. Start with simple shapes such as squares and circles. After drying the coasters, by baking or air-drying, allow the kids to pick colors of their choice, and paint the coasters.

Once the color on the coasters dries, the coasters can be used on dining tables. It is a fun activity for kids, and makes them happy to use objects that they made themselves!

For more fun, kids can also make coasters out of animal shapes.

 Clay Finger Rings

Kids, especially girls, are always a fan of finger rings. Instead of having them wear real metal rings, why not let them make rings for themselves? Plus, they can be made in different colors too!

Moulding clay around their fingers in ring shapes, and then letting the rings air-dry can be a great activity for kids. And which kid will say no to multiple rings, in different colors, all made by them!

 Clay Gift Tags

Using air dry clay, the kids can create many different clay handicrafts. Gift tags can be made from round clay pieces that are stamped and then decorated with sequins. The gift tags can also be decorated with different decoration articles to make those look prettier.

The gift tags have a hole on the top to pass a ribbon through.


Hope these ideas have helped you in finding ways for your tiny tots to explore their creativity!



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