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10 Gift Ideas for Boys of All Ages

Nephew’s got the first big birthday bash coming up? Is Dad hitting the half-century mark? Unsure what to get your boyfriend? Gifts for boys can really be a task, and we have all been at that baffling point where we are just unsure about what the men would really like.

After some serious thoughts and deliberation, we have put together a list that will ease your woes of gifting your favorite man something he would really like.

Scroll down for some really interesting gifts that will make you stand out of the clichéd crowd of gifts!

 Gift ideas for your dad:

Daddies are the simplest beings in the world. One could hand over a flower pot to their dad saying that it was their birthday gift, and the dad would love their kid for it!

For all the thoughtful dads in the world, who are relentless in their efforts towards us, we believe that it is our duty to let them take a back foot, and relax. Buying your dad a nice spa massage would definitely make the perfect gift for them. And how about you add to it by allowing him a shoulder to rest on with a neck pillow!

The dads deserve the royal treatment after all.

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neck pillow

Gift ideas for your boyfriend:

Boyfriends are always tough! It’s important that you make a note of their favorite things so you don’t end up upsetting them.

But! They’re also the easiest, because what boy does not like leather?

A leather belt, a leather bag, or even a leather-strapped watch will make them the happiest.

If your boy’s a busy person, someone who has to remember a lot of things or has to do a lot of calculations, the leather goodies would probably not enthrall him as much. In that case, a more thoughtful gift would make him happier than something to tug at his wrist or his shoulders.

An erasable LCD tablet would make the perfect gift for your busy man! An 8.5” e-writer that is portable, and doesn’t require a paper and a pen? A big yes!

And if your boy’s got the sweet tooth, what better than to pair it up with a chocolate bouquet to make the perfect birthday or an anniversary gift!

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lcd tablet

 Birthday gift ideas for a teen boy:

Boys in their nasty teens can definitely be very difficult people to choose gifts for! Teen boys have mostly been noticed to be a lot into gymming and building the muscle. And may we suggest a simple, yet a thoughtful gift for a teen boy?

Opting for a simple workout bottle or a fitness tracker, or even wireless earphones can really make teenage boys happy.

Backpacks with a subtle color like gray or black will also pique their interest in the birthday gift.

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 Gift ideas for a 15-year old


Boys about to turn 15 are great to buy gifts for. There is so much variety and so many choices.

It is essential to understand his personality type to make sure you’re buying exactly what would appeal to this 15-year old. It is only obvious that they would have developed a strong individuality by this age, and it becomes harder on your part to select the perfect gift.

While gifting books to 15-year old boys seems like a fair choice, it is also okay to buy nerdy toys at this point, say, for example, a DIY drone.

Or you could be their cool adult best friend, and give them one of each!

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 Gift ideas for a 14-year old

14, let us tell you, can be a very daunting age to buy gifts for; and especially the boys. These young people at this age do not want to be considered kids. It’s only safer for you to steer clear of the cutesy backpacks, and the extra-illustrative storybooks. You’d want something that would scream ‘young adult’ from everywhere.

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A portable music system seems to be a safe bet for a 14-year old.

However, if you still wish to retain the ‘child’ factor in your gift, how about a nerf blaster? Kids any age (and even adults!) would go crazy over a Nerf blaster!


 Gift ideas for a 13-year old

What do these teenagers like anyway? Let us be honest, boys at this age are.. well, just tough. They want to be seen as cool, because they’re not twelve anymore, and are finally a teenager.

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Gifting a 13-year old can be really interesting and scary at the same time. You’d just want to stick to the safest bet you can find, and nothing is safer than the merchandise of their favorite sports team! You get to be their cool adult friend who gets them their favorite stuff, and plus, they get to stand out among their friends!

And if your 13-year old is a skater-boy, what better than a personalized skateboard?

As scary as it sounds, buying a gift for a kid who has just entered teenage can sometimes be interesting too!

 Gift ideas for a 12-year old

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The most dreaded ‘in-between’ age; your tween has reached the transitional phase, and this 12-year old’s constantly changing interests will definitely leave you in a spot while buying a gift for him.

If your tween is a nerd, gifting him books about computer coding might seem to be the right choice. But if he is your regular tween with a not-so-nerdy personality, gifting him something that matches his vibe would be the apt thing to do.

Tickets to his favorite team’s game, or even a DIY table-tennis equipment set sounds just about right.

They are sure to make him happy; and if it’s your lucky day, your 12-year old might even crack a smile!

 Gift ideas for a 11-year old

Keeping a pre-teen’s attention focused on a point does not come easy. Gifts for boys in this age need to be fun, sporty and educational. An 11-year old is constantly shuttling between learning and wondering about the tweenage, and thus, it is only right to buy him gifts that aid him in learning and focusing better.

A remote control car that requires setting up, or advanced LEGO sets make up for the perfect gifts! Your 11-year old is both playing and focusing at the same time.

And if you want them pranking around a little, there are always prank sets that will send them and the people around them in a laughter riot!

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 Gifting ideas for a 9-year-old

9-year-old kids are these really cute human beings, already dreaming of being a 10-year old already. And what’s better than giving them the boyish, young adult gifts to add to their star-lit dreams!

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Being car enthusiasts, anything remotely related to a car excites them, even a car wheel! And gifting them a backpack that resembles a car wheel? You’d have to be the best person they’ve ever been friends with.

Other gifts that sound interesting at that age are remote control cars, or video games. But why not take it a notch higher, and get them a three wheeler cycle to make them stand out among their peers!

Gifting boys can be really exhausting at times. Especially if you’re not aware of their personality type. But there are definitely certain things that these young men just cannot refuse, no matter what age they are at, and what personality type they belong to.

 Hope these gift ideas helped you in figuring out what to and what not to buy the precious boys for their special occasions!


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