7 Simple Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

7 Simple Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Birthday party decoration can be a daunting task sometimes; especially if one is looking for a fresh idea and does not want to overspend on the celebration. But on the other hand, you want something personalized and unique to celebrate a loved one. You have to also make sure that the person that you’re doing it for really likes it, and appreciates your effort. Even if you are not as crafty, spending some time to make your place more festive contributes to the success of the party you're throwing.

Scroll down for the best birthday party decoration ideas that are sure to be liked by everyone!

LED Balloons

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It does not matter what age you’re at, if there’s a balloon at a party, it is bound to make you happy! Balloons with confetti have been the norm for a long time, but balloons with lights in it? That’s definitely something new.

LED balloons glow up your party like nothing else. They are easy to fill up, and prettier to look at. A subtle birthday party, with lit balloons swaying around the place, and beautiful music playing in the background, are guaranteed to offer anyone a birthday that they would remember.

Plus, if you want to get creative, you can also create a balloon backdrop for your birthday party, just behind the cake!

 Hello Kitty Birthday Candles:

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Putting candles on a birthday cake has always been the norm. But have you considered how much cooler it would be if instead of the long and everyday colorful candles, you made a wish and blew out Hello Kitty candles?

Candles made of anything but the regular spirals and basic colors would add to the essence of the birthday party; especially if the birthday party were for a little girl!

Hello Kitty candles are for one, very cute, and they add to the chic factor of the party, adding a cutesy touch to it.

It is more appealing to little girls, and it makes up for cute and simple decorations too.

 Silly straw for kids:

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You could be having a simple birthday party at home or an elaborate one at a specific venue. But, your main objective would be to make the kids happy and feel funky throughout the entire celebration.

And if you think the smallest of things would make the biggest difference, then you’re absolutely right.

A simple silly straw can be the highlight of your party if you unleash it at just the right time! Kids love anything that sways from normal. And so, drinks that go from the glass, and all the way around your head and eyes before going to your mouth, oh absolutely yes!

The kids could be drinking something as simple as water, but drinking it through a silly straw would definitely always steal the limelight!

 Glow eyeglasses

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An absolute yes! The party that you are arranging could be for you, or little children, or elderly people, glow eyeglasses will always steal the limelight.

They’re also very low maintenance. Just switch off the lights, and the party will get itself going automatically. They also add to the aura of the room, and make the party really groovy!


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Another absolute yes! Glowsticks are regular sticks, only they glow in the dark, and you can make bracelets and necklaces out of them.

Just like the glow eyeglasses, they’re easy to activate and stay on for a really long time. Or at least long enough to last your entire party celebration!

 Glitter balloons

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What’s better than just balloons at a birthday party? Glitter balloons are just simple balloons with glitter on them! What’s special about them? Well, they glitter, and make everything around them look really beautiful.

A simple arrangement of balloons dipped in glitter can make your party room go from being a groovy party room to a groovy and elegant party room.

 Color, Color Everywhere in the room

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Bright, poppy colors can make anyone go “Parrtyy!” And with the ever-growing numbers of DIY stores, it has become easier to find paper printables and goods for party decorations without having to spend too much on the materials! Are you concerned about all the waste it would create? Simple, you just recycle it for the next party!

To add to it, you can also mix and match the glassware, and the cutlery. Mixing your stemware, and the glasses and dinner plates can be a great décor in itself, and you will not even realize when your table goes from being a plain Jane to being a cool party table.

In addition, you can also create an Instagram-worthy wall for people to take pictures at. The wall does not have to be elaborate either. You could get creative with a few cloth pieces of different colors, and voila! You have your Instagram-worthy wall! You can replace the cloth pieces with a paper design, like flowers, and make a feature wall for you and your guests to take pictures.

A colorful garland made out of tissue papers is easy, cheap, and colorful, and is versatile to fit any celebration. Dress up a dessert table, jazz up a doorway, or frame a mantel. There are so many ways to recycle the garland and incorporate this fun fringe into your next party.

And if it is a kiddie birthday party, replacing the usual birthday hats with crowns can add a nice touch to the party. The kids can play pretend with their crowns, and once the party is over, they can take their crowns back with them.

However, the most important aspect of any party is the all-natural fun. If you are having a good time at your party, you don’t have to be worried about your guests. They’ll have a good time too. The most important thing you can do at a party is focus on your guests, and make them feel at home, and keep the decorations normal, and real.


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