Top 10 Unique Return Gifts for Girls From Rs 25

Bulk Hunt offers unique return gifts for girls which are not only attractive and cool but also useful items. We ensure to provide rich quality unique return gifts to our customers at an affordable price, thus making a birthday party a complete success for them. Bulk Hunt has been known to spoil its customers for choices by offering numerous unique return gift ideas. We have collected the top ten unique return gifts for girls such as attractive pouches which can be carried for outdoor hangouts, LED wrist bands, piggy banks.

LED Wrist Bands

@ Rs 25 /- Only at BulkHunt



A favourite novelty item which is incredibly famous amongst kids is the LED wrist bands which come with different cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Doremon and many more.


Spirograph ruler

@ Rs 25 /- Only at BulkHunt

A fantastic gift item which you can give away to the smart girls. This easy to use spiral ruler can make many colourful patterns of different patterns.

Document folder


@ Rs 29/- Only at BulkHunt


An essential and useful stationary item which can be given to the girls is the document folder. Beautifully coloured with Minions cartoon, this unique return gift for a birthday party can carry documents, project papers, worksheets to school by girls.



Wooden Stick game


@ Rs 59/- Only at BulkHunt


Bulk Hunt brings unique birthday return gift ideas to you for children of different age group. This Mikado Spiel wooden stick game is an educational game which teaches a girl about patience. The players need to pick sticks of their chosen colour and place carefully in the box, without disturbing the other sticks. Isn’t it wonderful?



Memo pads


@ Rs 49/- Only at BulkHunt


Hosts are always looking for unique return gifts for kids, and Bulk Hunt has always helped them with unique return gift ideas. Memo pads are one of the unique gifts for girls which can help them in organizing their daily activities, time table, to-do tasks. These are magnetic pads which can stick to refrigerators and cupboards.

LED Watches

@ Rs 49/- Only at BulkHunt

A cool watch is another unique birthday return gift ideas with an LED system. It displays time and date. Kids can use it for setting time while playing games with each other.



Cute printed mugs

@ Rs 99/- Only at BulkHunt

This beautifully designed mug is one of the best unique gifts for girls. These mugs have a capacity of 250ml which is embossed with brightly coloured cartoon designs. Choose from differently designed mugs to distribute it to the girls coming to your birthday party.


Piggy Banks


@ Rs 149/- Only at BulkHunt


Piggy banks with animal designs form the unique return gifts for birthday parties. Every child love collecting money and this piggy bank will be useful for them. Available in the hut shaped with bright colours and various animal designs at INR 99 these unique return gifts in India is a steal deal!


Unicorn earphones

@ Rs 119/- Only at BulkHunt

Everybody in the world today uses headsets, including children. Bulk Hunt offers unicorn themed earphones with different colour codes as unique return gifts for girls. These earphones do not have a mic and work on all phones, tablets, laptops!

Pouches for girls


@ Rs 119/- Only at BulkHunt


Cute pouches with funny images come with a 3D eye can carry essentials for outdoor usage such as makeup accessory. It comes with a short belt and colourful prints which will be loved by every little girl.


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