Which is the best online website to buy return gifts in India?

Which is the best online website to buy return gifts in India?

There are many websites which sell return gifts. But very few of them are reliable, fast, affordable, unique and offer great customer service. In this article we will describe BulkHunt, one such online site which offers a great collection of return gifts not only for kids’ birthday party but also for all other family occasions. There are some unique aspects of BulkHunt that no other website offers in India.

Novelty Products 

Every product sold at BulkHunt.com is very unique and novelty. Some of the unique products that are sold by BulkHunt, which no other online player sells, are Egg Yolk Slime, Wooden Tangram, Finger Erasers, Soft Squishy Keychains and many more. BulkHunt launches amazingly new products every month.

Wholesale/Bulk Pricing

The products sold on BulkHunt are priced upto 50% cheaper than that by other online websites. Although the minimum order value is Rs 499, the overall price per quantity is cheaper than every other website.

Free Shipping


BulkHunt offers free delivery on all the orders. The minimum order quantity is Rs 499. At amazingly cheap prices, free delivery makes the offer too difficult to resist.

Cash on Delivery

BulkHunt offers both options to its customers - online payment or cash on delivery. If for a first-time buyer the offer seems too good to believe, they can easily choose cash on delivery option and experience the service.

10-Day Return Guarantee

If a customer is unsatisfied with the products, the customer can choose to return the products within first 10 days of purchase. But in 98.6% out of 100,000+ orders served by BulkHunt, the customers happily accepted the products.

Delivery across India

BulkHunt delivers its products across India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Assam to Mumbai, BulkHunt delivers in every corner of India. BulkHunt has tie-up with the 2nd largest product delivery network in India. It gets products delivered from within 24 hours to 3 business days depending on the location.

Quality of Customer Service

BulkHunt has a 24x7 customer support service. The philosophy BulkHunt strongly believes in is - “The key is when a customer walks away, thinking ‘Wow, I love doing business with them, and I want to tell others about the experience.’” -Shep Hyken. If a customer faces any issue with the order, BulkHunt’s support team strives to make sure that the customer is happy.

Customized Service

For orders above Rs 50,000, BulkHunt offers customized service to its customers. The customized services include product selection, combo creation, gift packing, customization of product and text printing on the products.

Quality Products

BulkHunt has in-house and contract manufacturing facilities in India, Korea, Spain, Philippines and Vietnam. Each and every product that BulkHunt manufactures is uniquely crafted as per consumer feedback reports. BulkHunt has an in-house product analytics team in Bangalore - Karnataka, which specializes in consumer preference and product quality analysis. With 5-Fold robust quality checking mechanism in place, BulkHunt ensures that every product that is delivered to its customer is best in class

Awards & Accolades

Finally, BulkHunt has been a recipient of multiple awards for being the fastest growing return gift website in India.


When everything is great, why not shop and check it out yourself. BulkHunt promises that you will never be disappointed if you shop with them. BulkHunt rightly says - “When you shop with us, we ensures to add happiness to your shopping bag!”



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