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Top 10 Interesting Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday

Top 10 Interesting Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday

1st Birthday of a child is one of the happiest days in life of parents. Every parent on this planet wants to make the first birthday of their child, the most memorable day. One big decision that the parents have to make on this day is to select the best return gift for the birthday party. In this section, we suggest the top 10 most popular, unique and interesting return gift ideas for first birth anniversary of their child.

  1. Cute Small BackPack

Backpack is the most useful gift item that can be gifted to kids who will begin their pre-school very soon after the 1st birthday. At this age, the most preferred size of backpack for kids is small and the one printed with beautiful cartoon pictures on it. Nothing is more exciting to kids than watching a cute cartoon character printed on their backpack. It makes them love to go to the pre-school and makes the transition easy.

  1. Sketch Pen Box

Creativity is the most crucial aspect of a child’s development. Sketch pen is the simplest tool that can allow kids to bring their imagination to life. Sketch pen box is cheap yet very effective in letting the creative juices flow.

  1. Crayons

Crayons are the most popular return gift item for the first birthday party. As rightly said “Artists are never born but they are made”. To make children the artists of their lifetime, crayons can serve as a stepping stone.

  1. Super Light Clay

One part of growing up as a child is playing in the mud. But playing in the mud can have consequences on the health of the child. So to protect the kids from the detrimental effects of playing in mud, parents buy clay as a perfect solution. It not only protects the health of a child but also enables the child to explore his/her creative instincts. Clay has been the second most popular return gift items among parents.

  1. Scratch Paper Diary

Scratch paper diary is a very unique and attractive gift item for the first birthday. It has been introduced very recently in the 2010 decade and it got wildly popular pretty soon. Kids can draw to their heart content on this black piece of paper and colors ranging from blue, red, green and yellow appear on the areas scratched on the sheet.

  1. Finger Paints

Kids love to dirty their dress and parents love to stop their kids from dirtying the dress. But its not a childhood worth remembering if the kids did not get an opportunity to dirty their dress. But finger paint is a novelty gift item which lets the kids dirty their dress while exploring their creativity. It is an equally stress relieving item for the parents because it is washable. So, both the parties win when the kids use finger paints to paint their imagination.

  1. Cartoon Printed Lunch Box

The best time for kids in pre-school is the lunch time. What else can make this lunch time more exciting than eating from a cute cartoon printed tiffin box. An ideal lunch box for kids would be the one with two decks. One deck for keeping liquid items and other deck for keeping dry items. This will protect the books in the bag from spillover.

  1. Soft Pencil Pouch

There are a variety of pencil pouches available in the market. But the one perfect as a return gift for 1st birthday party would be a soft cartoon printed pencil pouch. Just like kids, soft pencil pouches are delicate and attractive. They are easy to use and kids can carry pencil, eraser, sharpener and scale in the pouch.

  1. Moustache Straw

Kids love to see themselves having a moustache and it makes them look even more cute than they already are. What can be more fun for a child than wearing a moustache while drinking milk. Moustache straw is a perfect item to be placed in the first birthday return gift set. It is like a feather in the cap.

  1. Mini Notebook and Pen

If the habit of writing is instilled early on in the life of a child, the path to career success eventually, becomes easier. A cute, small and fancy notebook and pen set would be a perfect return gift item. It is simple, affordable yet powerful. It has transformative effects on the life of a kid.

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