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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Girls From Rs. 99 Only

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

In this article we will explore some very unique, interesting and amazing gift ideas for girls. In addition to choosing the right gift, we will also suggest the best place to buy gift items for girls at discounted price online.

The choice of gift for a girl would depend upon her age, relation with the girl and the occasion for gifting. The gift items mentioned are suitable for girls of all age group i.e from teenage to adult.

  1. Sling Bag

@ Rs 499 /- Only at

The most useful gift item that can be gifted to a girl is sling bag. A girl can carry the sling bag to a party, family events, festivals, school, college or even office. Sling bag is the most popular gift item for girls because every girl uses a sling bag and girls love to keep a collection of fancy and attractive sling bags.

  1. Backpack for Girls

@ Rs 699 /- Only at

The second most popular gift item for a girl is a backpack. Backpack has two major use for girls. Firstly, it can be carried to school, tuition classes or college. Secondly it can also be used for travelling and outdoor adventures such as trekking or picnic. Backpack is not only one of the most useful presents but also has a very high perception value.

  1. Dinner Set

@ Rs 799 /- Only at

An exclusive gift that a girl would love to receive on her birthday would be a dinner set. The design, print and material of the dinner set would depend upon the age of the girl receiving the gift. For girls between 5 to 10 years of age, a very cute and fancy bamboo dinner set would be advisable. Whereas for a teenage girl, cute yet trendy dinner set is recommended. Dinner set has a long utility life and the girl will remember you every night she has her yummy dinner in it.

  1. Travel Pouch

@ Rs 175 /- Only at

An affordable yet very useful gift item for girl is a beautiful travel pouch. Travel pouches are useful not only for travel purpose but also for day to day use. Girls prefer to carry their make-up kit, mobile, wallet and keys in a travel pouch. There are variety of trendy and stylish travel pouches available online. Travel pouch is among the top 10 gift items for girls

  1. Paper Designer

@ Rs 199 /- Only at

Girls are usually more creative and love to explore their artistic side. Paper Designs is one such product which every craft lover would be pleased to receive as a gift. If the girl you are gifting is into arts and craft then paper design would be a perfect gift. Its is a unique product used from scrapbooking.

  1. Pottery Sculpting Tool

@ Rs 299 /- Only at

These days there is a growing trend for sculpting, among young girls. Pottery Sculpting Tool is a set of tools used to carve beautiful sculpture out of clay. This will be a very unique gift set. A girl would be pleasantly surprised to receive a sculpting tool set as gift item because no other person would have ever thought in such depth about her. Gifting this would showcase your care for her and it will let her explore her creativity and imagination

  1. Erasable LCD Tablet

@ Rs 54/- Only at

It would be an amazingly cool idea to gift an erasable LCD tablet to a girl. Gifting a cool and fancy electronic gadget to a girl would make you stand out of crowd. You might be wondering if the gadget is really expensive. And to your surprise the gadget is definitely not expensive. BulkHunt is one such website, which provides such Erasable LCD Tablets from Rs 549/-

  1. Fancy Steel Water Bottle

@ Rs 599 /- Only at

Every girl that carries a bag, has a steel water bottle in it. What more can be useful than an attractive, high quality and useful steel water bottle. If the girl is going to school, college or office, water bottle is one thing that she would definitely need. Although steel water bottle sounds like a simple idea but nonetheless it’s a very useful item to gift a girl

  1. Nail Art

@ Rs 99 /- Only at

Gifting a fashion item would bring joy on face of a girl. Nail Art is the most popular fashion product among girls of all age. Especially young girls, love to change the theme of nails to match their dress. Nail Art is a perfect fashion and dressing product that could bring a big smile on face of a girl.

  1. Earphone/Coin Pouch 

@ Rs 99 /- Only at

Earphone/Coin Pouch can be good complimentary gift item. Girls can keep earphones, coins and small items in it and easily carry it in their purse. There are variety of cute and fancy small earphone pouches available. The design of earphone pouch should be chosen based on the age of the girl. For girls aged 5 to 10 years, a cartoon printed earphone pouch would be suitable whereas for teenage girls, a cool and trendy earphone pouch is recommended.

All these cool gift items for girls are available online and at a huge discount rate. BulkHunt is one such online website for gifts in India that offers all these products at wholesale rates. They offer cash on delivery, fast delivery (usually 1-3 days), 10 days return warranty and wholesale pricing. Bulkhunt has products with upto 50% discount. Check out BulkHunt for more such unique, attractive and cool products.


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