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Birthday parties are incomplete without any return gifts, and with the advancement of e-commerce, the Bulk hunt is known to spoil you with choices of birthday return gift ideas. We have a wide range of return gifts for kids’ birthday party starting from INR 25 up to INR 200 and above.

We have assorted some return gifts for kids’ birthday party:

1. Birthday gift ideas under Rs.25

A variety of pens can be gifted of attractive shapes like a unicorn, angry birds, invisible magic pen, fruit-shaped and hello kitty sharpener, different shaped erasers like that of an owl, unicorn, lip balm, doremon, superheroes. Children of age 3 love the different shapes and customized cartoons to 12. You can also plan for different return gifts for girls by giving them LED finger rings, temporary tattoos. We also have a wide range of key rings, colouring books, pin badges.

2. Return gifts online under Rs. 50

Bulk hunt offers beautiful gifts for birthdays, baby showers, and other events. We stock gifts which are not only pocket-friendly but also user-friendly such as goodie bags, hand sanitizers, document folder, earphone pouch, games like tic tac toe, ring toss game, wrist bands and many others. These games can be gifted to children aged above 12, and they will surely love these gifts.

3. Birthday return gifts for kids under Rs. 100

There are plenty of fantastic returns gift online which you can purchase under Rs. 100 for the celebration of your event. We have an incredible range of return gifts for boys such as stationery kit, colourful wooden pen stand, magnetic wooden pads, UNO Game. You can plan separate return gifts for girls like skipping rope, shopping bags, tin boxes, bending magical pencils, kaleidoscope and jelly slime. You can buy different items and distribute them as return gifts or winning gifts for games.

4. Return gifts for kids under INR 200

With a slightly higher budget, we can help you with beautiful return gifts online range such as highlighter pens, pencil pouches and boxes, water bottle, eyeglass cases, lunch bags, pen stands, caps for boys and girls, whiteboard markers and dusters. Both you and your guests will appreciate every gift listed under our collection between INR 100-200.

5. Return gifts above Rs. 200

Our exclusive range of return gifts for a kids birthday party is available with a price range of above INR 200. You can buy return gifts online such as designer pencil pouches for school, piggy banks, nail art kits for girls, paper paint, hot water bags, locked dairies.

With our vast range of return gifts collection, you can easily pick up gifts of your choice which comes at an everyday price. Bulk Hunt assures on-time delivery of all the gifts to you!


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