Top 18 Engagement Return Gift Ideas

Top 18 Engagement Return Gift Ideas

Indian weddings are nothing if not elaborate and grand, running into several days and umpteen ceremonies. The entire place is bustling with guests and everything keeps happening at a really fast pace. An engagement is just as important as the main wedding function, and hence so is the engagement party.

While taking care of party decorations items is important, gifts are also equally important!

Return gifts at the smaller functions are optional but the engagement party is an important function and you must send guests home with the best and suitable return gifts.

An Indian engagement is a big deal, and so to help you find a suitable and useful gift, we have put together a list of the best ideas for return gifts.

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 Boys Cartoon Keychain

Keychains are always the best and the safest gifts at any party. These boys cartoon keychains are bound to be liked by all the little boys attending your engagement party.

To make your return gifts more exciting, you can put together a few more gift items along with the keychains in party bags, and make a personalized gift hamper.

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 Superhero Gel Theme

Superhero gel pens are another great return gift for children attending your engagement party. Superhero gel pens are a reliable choice when you’re searching for return gifts below Rs. 25.

Click here to buy a set of these cool superhero gel theme pens online.

 Glow Eyeglasses


Glow eyeglasses add a nice theme to your party, and the guests can take them home after the party is over.

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Glow in Dark Acrylic Paint 12 Colors

Glow-in-the-dark acrylic paints are another great return gifts for your guests. They can use them during the party or use them at home to paint the walls with designs.

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 Pencils with Eraser Top

Pencils with eraser tops are a major attraction amongst kids. Buy a set of these to offer as a return gifts and you are sure to be the kids’ favourite for a long time.

Click here to buy pencils with erasers tops in attractive colours.

 Fruit Sharpener

When it comes to offering return gifts to kids, cute stationery is always the right choice.

Click here to buy attractive fruit sharpeners in different colors to offer as return gifts for kids.

You can also add them to your personalized gift hamper goodie bags to make the gifts look cooler.

 Mini Flexible USB Light

Working people attending your engagement party will love this one, as this flexible USB light allows you to work at night without disturbing anyone else.

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 Owl Erasers

Owl erasers can be added to your personalized gift hamper to offer as a return gift to the kids. Owl erasers are available in different colors and fragrances, and are very attractive.

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 LED Finger Rings

If you plan on having a dark themed party to celebrate your engagement, then these LED finger rings are a must-have!

They glow in the dark and all your guests will definitely enjoy these. They can also take it home later and use them.

Click here to buy LED finger rings online.

 Fast Food Erasers

Fast food is every child’s favourite. Pizzas and burgers are surely liked by kids, but how about offering pizzas and burgers as erasers? Sounds interesting?

Click here to buy fast food erasers to make your return gifts more interesting.

 Soft Tip Brush Pens

Soft tip brush pens are very useful for the people who are into painting.

Buy soft tip brush pens online are affordable prices by clicking here.

 Scented Chocolate Diary

Fancy diaries are always appreciated by people of all age groups. Gift your guests this chocolate scented diary and they will never forget you and your party!

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 Scented Biscuit Cookie Diary

Scented diaries are a great way of making your engagement party memorable to your guests.

Click here to buy scented biscuit diary online are budget prices.


LED Party Balloons

LED party balloons add a different twist to your party. You can also offer a set of these balloons to your guests as a fond memory.

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 Magnetic Memopad Notebook

Magnetic memopad notebooks are perfect for guests in all age groups to remember and remind of things.

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 Small Magnetic Memopad

Small magnetic memopads are great to stick on refrigerators or office desks to write down things to remember.

Click here to buy a useful magnetic memopad to your guests as a return gift.

 6 Pieces Magnetic Bookmarks

Book-readers at your party will rejoice on seeing this return gift. A set of magnetic bookmarks is a great idea for a return gift for the ones who love reading books.

It is also very useful for children attending schools and colleges to keep a tab on their lessons.

Buy sets of magnetic bookmarks online by clicking here.

 Paper Quiling Strips

One of the many ways of making your engagement party cool and interesting is to have fun activities where everybody can learn something. One of the easiest arts is quilling. Organizing quilling sessions at your party will keep everybody engaged and help them learn something new.

Gift them a set of paper quilling strips, and they will remember you for the memorable time they had at your party.

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Giving engagement return gifts is a way of commemorating the occasion and is also used as a reminder for the upcoming wedding.

Happy gifting to you!



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