20 Amazing Navratri Gift Ideas

20 Amazing Navratri Gift Ideas

'Navratri’ is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals. It is dedicated to worshipping Goddess Durga in her nine different forms. The word Navrathri means 'Nine Nights' in Sanskrit. It is one of the most vibrant and long festivals in India. There are many types of Navrathri being celebrated in India.

Navratri Golu is celebrated in Southern India, and golu gift items are offered to small girls and they are later offered food.

During this season, friends and relatives visit each other's homes to show their love and gratitude.


To help you pick the perfect Navratri Golu gift items, we have put together a list of the best gift ideas. Scroll below to know more:

 Girls Goodies Bag for Kids

To make your gifts special, add multiple gift items to a goodie bag and offer them to the little girls attending your kanjak celebration.

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 Pencils with Eraser Top

Pencil with eraser top are the best return gift for kids. They can also show them off to their friends and be cool and popular.

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 Unicorn Pens

Unicorn are every girl’s favourite. And hence, unicorn pens are sure to be liked by every girl because of its attractive colors. An added benefit is that they can just show off to their friends.

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 Flavoured Paper Soaps

Return gifts for girls attending your kanjak celebration can be a great gesture. Flavoured paper soaps in pretty bottles are not only just a cute return gift, but are also very useful.

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 Document Folder Frozen

Little girls will definitely love a document folder made of their favourite princess! It will also help them keep their important papers safe and protected.

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 Maze Game

Get the girls a maze game to keep them occupied and improve their thinking capability.

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 Fruit Sharpener

Fruit sharpeners can be a great addition to your gifts goodie bag. They are available in attractive colors.

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Mini Scratch Diary

Mini scratch diaries are useful to girls belonging to all age groups.

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 Animal Critter 600 Stickers

Little girls are always fond of stickers. Animal critter stickers that are available in bulk and look cute on their notebooks will always steal their hearts.

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 Hand Sanitizer Kids

Girls are a fan of cute things. Cute girls like cute things, even if it’s a sanitizer in a cute bottle. This hand sanitizer is a great return gift to the girls attending your Navratri celebration.

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 Unicorn LED Flashing Pin Badge

Little girls can form their own unicorn club by using these LED flashing pin badges as their identities!

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 Spirograph Design Spiral Ruler

This unique set of gift is bound to make any girl intrigued and keep her occupied for some time. This Spirograph design set will also help little girls develop new interests.

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 Soft Tip Brush Pens

Soft tip brush pens are very useful for girls interested in painting. They are soft and easy to use.

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 Superhero Gel Theme

Superhero gel theme pens are a great gift for the girls who love superheroes. They can show-off these pens to their friends in schools and be popular amongst their friends.

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 Cute Mini Owl Diary

Cute diaries can be a wonderful and a pretty return gift for your female guests that will keep them reminded of you all the time.

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 Fashionable Floral Tiara/Crown/Headband

Flower tiaras are every girl’s favourite! Gift one of these to the women at the event you are organizing and make them feel like the queen they are.

You can also pair it up with other gift items and make your own personalized gift hamper to offer as a return gift.

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 Nail Art for Kids Girls

Nail art sets are every little girl’s favourite. They can pick their favourite color and decorate their nails the way they want. This set is the best return gift for all the little girls at a birthday party or any other party.

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 Unicorn Backpack

This unicorn backpack as a return gift is bound to make any little girl jump with joy.

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 Sequin Sling cum Backpack Rabbit Eyes

Sling bags are every girl’s favourite. They can be the perfect gift for any occasion to small girls. The sequins on the sling bags shine in light, and the sling bag can also be used as a backpack whenever needed.

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 Tin Storage Keychain Assorted Designs

Pretty keychains are everybody’s favourite. What if, along with pretty keychains, you could also store small items inside the keychains? A tin storage keychain is not just great to look at but is also very handy to store little items like coins, etc. in it.

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Still looking for more gift ideas? Click on the link to find more gifts online.


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