18 Creative Return Gift Ideas for Farewell Party

18 Creative Return Gift Ideas for Farewell Party

Whether it is retirement, or moving on and getting a new job, or even a school farewell, saying goodbye to your fellow classmates and friends, or colleagues is not easy. They become a part of your life after spending a lot of time together. You make memories together. Having a small celebration with these people in honour of all the memories that you made together is a process through which you adjust with the transition in your life.

To make your transition a little easier, we have put together a list of gift ideas that can make for a perfect return gifts!

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 Mini Fridge White Board with Marker Pen

Remembering things in adulthood is a task, especially since you are always occupied with something or the other. That’s when a magnetic white board comes in handy.

Gift these to your colleague group and help them remember things better.

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 6 Pieces Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic bookmarks is one of the best gift ideas for anyone right from your colleague teams, to you school friends, if you are still in school. The avid book readers will definitely thank you for these.

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 Vintage Metal Bookmarks

You can add a little fun to your bookmark return gifts by offering these vintage metal bookmarks too. They look pretty, and even prettier among book pages.

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 Cute Mini Unicorn Diary

Fancy diaries are everybody’s favourites. These cute mini unicorn diaries are a perfect return gift to the ladies at your office or your female friends at school. They come in handy and can be easily carried anywhere.

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 Cute Mini Owl Diary

Another great option in diaries is this cute mini owl diary. Easy to carry, and easy to use is a perfect combination offered by this cute mini owl diary.

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 Magnetic Memopad Notebook

Buying gifts for adults is a task, especially return gifts. They have to be perfect for any type of people, and have to meet your budget too.

A magnetic memopad notebook is just the perfect gift. It’s handy in making to-do lists for the day, and can be easily put up on a work desk in the office.

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 Mini Exam Pad, Diary and Pen

When you can’t figure out what return gifts to offer to your peers, here’s a little secret: cute stationery gift items!

They are cute, and everybody loves a little useful stationery. A mini exam pad, diary and pen set is just what you’d call cute, and useful. It fits perfectly in your palms, and you can write easily while walking, using the pad support.

All in all, a perfect return gift for your farewell party!

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Smiley Emoji Diary

Smiley emoji diary is another perfect gift for your farewell party. The page quality offers a great writing experience.

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Kawaii Mini Notebook and Pen

A set of notebook and pen is useful and a good return gift for colleagues as well as school children.

If you want to make your return gift more interesting for your school friends, you can write small notes on the front page of the notebook before offering them.

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 Unicorn Led Gel Pen

Pens are useful in any environment. Be it schools or colleges, or offices, pens are the most needed items. And if you add a little twist to them, why not!

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Watermelon Gel Pens

If people are not fans of unicorn pens, impress them by offering these watermelon gel pens that are just as quirky and useful!

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 Superhero Gel Theme

Superhero gel theme pens are awesome and make a perfect return gift for school farewell. The children can pick their favourite superhero and also show off later!

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 Unicorn Pencils with Eraser Back

Kindergarten farewell parties can be a little hard on the little kids. But you can offer these unicorn pencils with erasers at the back to take their mind off the farewell and prepare them for the upcoming school years.

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Batman Keychain

Unique gift keychains are loved by everyone; especially when it’s Batman! Be it boys or girls, young men or women, there is hardly anyone who isn’t a Batman fan.

Impress your peers by gifting them these uber cool Batman keychains.

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 Thor Keychain

If Batman’s not their favourite, gift them these Thor keychains that are equally awesome.

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Unicorn Tin Storage Keychain

If you don’t want people to pick between their favourite superheroes, you can always gift them something more handy and useful. These tin keychains allow you to store little things inside.

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 Sequin Heart Keychain

These sequin heart keychains will definitely make your women friends and colleagues swoon with joy with just how cute they are.

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 Mini Flexible USB Light

The most useful gift of all, this mini flexible USB light is useful for all the people who are the most productive at night. This gift will definitely be appreciated by your peers.

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Happy gifting to you!


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