15 Unique Gift Ideas for 10 year old Boys

15 Unique Gift Ideas for 10 year old Boys

10 years of age is one of the toughest age to buy gifts for; especially a boy who is a 10 year old. They are picky, they are transitioning, and they are just starting to figure out things. Boys at this age mostly want what others are having. However, if they have an opinion of their own, the same boys will be headstrong about their opinion. They want what they want. Right from their toys, to their daily use articles, everything has to be unique to please them.

Since a 10 year old boy is difficult to buy gifts for, we have put together a list of gift items that will definitely please these picky little ones.

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 Piggy Bank Wood House Animal

Birthdays for 10 year olds always mean toys, and just a lot of toys. Stand out of the crowd by gifting the kid cute piggy banks that helps the kid learn the importance of saving money from a young age.

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 Unicorn Wooden Piggy Bank House

You can also make the birthday gift more interesting and cute for the kid by giving him a unicorn piggy bank house. The pictures on the piggy bank make the saving money part more interesting.

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 Piggy Bank Metal Animal

Metal piggy banks make more noise with the coins inside them, than another other material. This should be a great incentive for an Indian boy to save in more coins and make the piggy bank ring much louder.

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 Strawberry Folding Bags

Indian lives are full of buying and storing multiple things. And we are sure a little Indian boy would also like to carry things of his own to different places. To make his bag more interesting, gift him strawberry folding bags that are lightweight and easy to carry.

You can also make the gift interesting by adding other things to the strawberry folding bag before gifting it.

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 Boys Big Haversack Bags

Haversack bags are a great option to carry around items and also look very cool. They can be carried to exams, and schools. The cartoon prints on the front side are what make the bags for kids very likeable.

They are also a good choice for birthday gift items.

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 Insulated Lunch Bag Zipper

Buying gifts for boys is always a task. But most of that problem is solved when you know just the right thing to buy. You can gift them articles of daily use that they will love carrying with them every day. And so, an insulated zipper bag for lunch is one of the best options you have.

This bag keeps the lunch inside the boxes warm for a really long time, and gives the kid a nice warm meal during the school break.

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 Fish Folding Bags

Give the 10 year olds something that has multiple purposes, and they will love you and remember you for a really long time. Folding bags give the boys the benefit of a big bag as well as an easy-to-carry bag in one. The fish prints on the bags make the bags all the more likeable.

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 Red Tyre Backpack

One of the safest and the best choices of gifts for little kids that are or are nearing 10 years of age is backpacks. Especially if they are shaped in the shapes of boy toys. A tyre backpack will definitely steal their heart.

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 Blue Tyre Backpack

If red’s not their favourite colour, you can always pick a blue color!

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 PU Black Backpack Shark

You can always go different from the crowd, and buy them an animal backpack that every 10 year old boy will love. A black shark backpack serves just the purpose.

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 Kids Bag Backpack | Navy Blue | Waterproof

Waterproof backpacks are a safe choice for 10 year olds as they may accidentally spill water and get their whole bag wet.

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 Spiderman Theme Water Bottle

School water bottles and lunch boxes are always one of the best gifts you can offer to 10 year old boys, as they can use those gift items and show off to their friends.

Spiderman themed water bottles are sure to be every little boy’s favourite.

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 Minnion Lunch Tiffin Box 550 Ml

A minion lunch tiffin box can also be a great gift for a ten year old as a birthday gift or a rakhi gift.

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Minions Glass Water Bottle

Pair up the minion lunch tiffin box with a minion glass water bottle and you have a complete set ready to be gifted to your ten year old!

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 Mango Lunch Box


If Minions are not your first choice, you can buy this mango lunch box that is shaped as a mango and can store your kid’s meal inside with great ease. The mango shape is looks very lucrative to your 10 year old and they will surely love all the meals that are served inside the box.

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Make sure your gifts are perfect for the ten year old that you are gifting it to! Happy gifting to you!


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