10 Fancy Doraemon Gift Ideas for Kids

10 Fancy Doraemon Gift Ideas for Kids

Gifts in India are a major deal, especially when it’s for little kids. Gifts for these little ones are required to be very special. They could be a soft toy or a car play set, the kids will of course love it. But if you gift them something that has their favourite cartoon character on it? That is sure to put you first on their own personal list of favourite people!

Kids have many favourite cartoon characters, but the one that is loved by both girls and boys is their very own robot cat: Doraemon! Doraemon brings gadgets, and Doraemon is a cat that talks!

Scroll below to know how you can gift special Doraemon gifts to your kids on their special days:

 3D Cartoon Pouch for Girls

Gifts are meant to be special. And in India, special usually means something that you like to look at, and something that you can use all the time without any problems!

As kids, girls and boys are equally big fans of Doraemon. If it’s your little girl’s birthday, make her day special by giving her this 3D cartoon pouch with Doraemon print as a gift.

This cute pouch can be a wonderful birthday gift as well as a perfect return gift for any of your parties.

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Cartoon Piggy Bank

Giving a piggy bank as a gift to your little kids is a great way of giving them a precious gift as well as teaching them the importance of saving money from a young age; especially if it is a Doraemon piggy bank. A coin bank that rings louder with every coin that is put into it can make the kids save up as many coins as they can.

Moreover, they can buy their own things with the saved money which will make them more delighted.

A coin bank or a piggy bank can also be a good return gift for the children attending your parties.

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 Hand Sanitizer Kids

Doraemon is every kid’s favourite as he teaches good lessons, and shows amazing gadgets. You can also teach important lessons to your children such as those of cleanliness using this Doraemon hand sanitizer for kids.

The Doraemon cartoon on the hand sanitizer makes the process of cleaning hands even more interesting.

Click here to buy Doraemon hand sanitizer for kids online.

 Cartoon Fridge Magnets

Doraemon gifts are always welcome. And in case where a Doraemon soft toy is not available, you can always buy fridge magnets that have Doreamon print on them.

They look very cool on your refrigerators and the kids can arrange them the way they like.

Click here to buy Doraemon fridge magnets online at budget prices.

 Girls Coin Earphone Pouch

Earphones are used by everybody these days. And it is not surprising if little girls these days have their own set of earphones for using and watching videos.

Make their life a little simpler by giving them something that will avoid their set of precious earphones from being entangled. Even better, something that also has their favourite cartoon on it.

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They can also store spare change to buy candy later.

 Doremon and Friends Keychain

Any kid who is a fan of Doraemon is definitely also a fan of all the other characters in the show such as Nobita and Shizuka.

Gift the children Doraemon and Friends keychain that they will absolutely love.

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 Doraemon Erasers

You can make your own personalized Doraemon stationery set for gifting or giving as a return gift. Just add different articles of stationery that are Doraemon themed, and you can have your own stationery set ready!

Start off by adding a set of these cool Doraemon erasers to the set.

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 Nobita and Friends Keychain

Another cool gift that you can add while making a Doraemon gift set is this pretty Nobita and Friends keychain. It adds to the gesture and makes your gift set even more interesting.

Every kid is sure to like something that is so Doraemon themed, especially since Doraemon is every child’s favourite cartoon character.

Click here to buy this Nobita and Friends keychain online and add it to your gift set.

 Doraemon Gel Pen

A Doraemon stationery set is definitely incomplete without this cool Doraemon gel pen. You can gift a set of these gel pens to the kids or put a few of these Doraemon gel pens along with other Doraemon stationery products and make your own personalized gift set.

At other occasions, you can also offer these pens as return gifts to the groups of little children that may attend a party that you are organizing. The kids are sure to love this one, whether is a boy or a girl.

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 Boys Luggage Tags

Children in India may be fans of travelling, but they are bigger fans of having personalized luggage while travelling. Something they can identify from a distance, and something they can show off, even if it’s to their family members. A Doraemon luggage tag serves just the purpose.

Doraemon luggage tags are cool and durable and are sure to be liked by the kids.

Click here to buy a set of these boys’ luggage tags online at budget prices.

You can also offer a set of these are return gifts to the kids at your parties or birthday parties.



You can try different combinations of these gift items and mix and match them to make your own cool sets of gifts. You can also get the help of the little kids to pick their own gifts of choice!

If you still need variety, check out more themed return gifts online!


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