20 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is the most important celebration in India. Diwali means lights, food, decoration, and most importantly, gifts. The grand scale on which Diwali is celebrated on, is unmatched. Family and friends come together on this auspicious occasion to celebrate the festival and gifts are exchanged by everyone.

The list of people to whom gifts are to be given is huge, and preparations are made prior to the festival so that nobody is missed out on the joyous occasion!

Family, friends, clients, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, everybody makes the list, and nobody is left out. And sometimes, buying a thoughtful gift for everyone can be a little confusing.

So to help you with better gift ideas, we have compiled a list of useful gifts that are both great to look at and benefit the person receiving the gift!


  1. Unicorn Luggage Tags

Diwali sees a lot of visitors that come to visit you. If they are travelling from another city, they are bound to have some luggage with them. In order to help them from losing their luggage in the transit, how about you gift them something that will ease the process of identifying their luggage at the airports or the train stations.

Unicorn luggage tags can be a very useful gift to prevent anybody from losing their luggage. It is one of the best gift options as they will remember you every time they realise the usefulness of having a luggage tag.

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  1. Solar System Glow in Night Stickers

Little girls and boys deserve special gifts for Diwali. The glow in night stickers can be stuck on walls in the bedrooms of children and the space can be made magical just by turning off the lights! They can be a great item for decoration of bedroom walls.

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  1. Small Magnetic Memopad

Magnetic memopads can make up for a great Diwali gift for your clients or your employees. These memopads can be put up on the desk to note down a to-do list or to remember important things.

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  1. Magnetic Bookmarks

Gifts are also exchanged between a girlfriend and a boyfriend to show love. If your partner is an avid book reader, the most perfect gift that you can get them is magnetic bookmarks. These can be folded in between over a page that is being read. They are the best gifts under Rs. 50.

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  1. Magnetic Memopad Notebook

Magnetic memopads come in various sizes. And they are great for remembering important things by noting them down on the memopad. They can be made to stick on refrigerators or on work desks. They make the space look pretty and also help you remember things. They are the best gift option for gifts under Rs. 100.

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  1. Minnion Sketch Pen Box

One way of making your employees or your client happy is to make their children happy. A minion sketch pen box is one of the best gift ideas that you can give them on the occasion of Diwali and maintain good relations!

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  1. Lego Girls Watch

Girls deserve special gifts on Diwali. Make your little girls feel special with this Lego watch that is cute and funky at the same time.  It is one of the best gift options for little girls for Diwali.

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  1. Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts are unique and special and they signify that you have put your efforts into making that gift. It comes in handy especially when you are gifting it to your wife.

If you are the artistic kind, you can simply buy a set of beautiful quilling papers and put together a gift that your wife will cherish and save forever. Even a simple flower made out of the quilling paper will make for a unique gift item for her.

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  1. Thumbs Up Mobile Stand


A better idea for gifting things to people is making gift hampers. Your gift hampers can have multiple inexpensive things in it such as a thumbs up mobile stand which comes in handy on many occasions and is also inexpensive.

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  1. Uno Game ( Frozen Elsa )

Children love UNO; and children love the movie Frozen. What if your Diwali gift was a mixture of both the things that kids love! This UNO game has the Frozen movie designs on it which the kids will definitely love!

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  1. Collectible Mini Tin Boxes

These cute collectible mini tin boxes are very handy and can be used to store things in, for both kids and adults. You can also fill in chocolates inside and gift them to kids as gifts!

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  1. A4 Cute Document Folder

Document folders in offices can be boring to look at. So if your office has one of those boring folders, it’s time to give your employees a brighter and a prettier office that will make sure they are interested in the work they are doing! The flower print on the folders makes it look prettier.

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  1. Thor Keychain

Thor keychains can also be a great idea for a Diwali gift. However, since a keychain make look like a really small gift, you can make it a part of your gift hamper before gifting it to someone.

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  1. Domino Wooden Game

Games are also a great idea for gifts on Diwali. Instead of sticking to the routine gifts, games can make very interesting gifts.

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  1. Pocket Girls Diary

Diaries and notebooks are a great choice of gifts as they are compact to carry and are also very useful. Gift this pocket diary to the girls this Diwali, as they are useful to jot down important things. The diaries come with a princess cover for your little princess.

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  1. Boys Cartoon Earphones

Boys are easily enthralled by these pair of cartoon earphones as they are available in their favorite superheroes! You are sure to be remembered as their favorite person if they receive these in their gifts!

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  1. Hello Kitty Birthday Candles

Hello Kitty is every girl’s favorite. Gift the girls this set of Hello Kitty candles that they can use on their next birthday to adorn their birthday cake.

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  1. Superhero Gel Theme

Make the desks of your little children interesting by gifting them these superhero themed gel pens that write smoothly like butter on paper, but also keep the interest of the children by the superheroes!

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  1. Mobile Shape Highlighter Pens

Con someone by telling them you got them in iPhone for Diwali. And when they open it, it will definitely be an iPhone! Only with markers inside it; which is also a pretty useful gift. Click here to buy mobile shaped highlighter pens online.


  1. Piggy Bank Wood House Animal

Gift the children this wooden piggybank house to teach them the importance of saving money from an early childhood.

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Still not sure what to buy? Find more gifts in bulk to be sure about what you wish to buy!


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