15 Return Gifts for Kitty Party

Return Gifts for Kitty Party

A kitty party is an amazing way to get in touch with girls gang and get involved in some laughter and gossips.

If you are the one hosting the kitty party, it is a great gesture to extend return gifts to your girls who attended the kitty party and thank them for coming.

If you are confused about what to get your ladies, don’t worry. We have a list of gift ideas right from small girls to adult women that will help you pick the perfect return gift!

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  1. Cute Mini Owl Diary

Pocket diaries are desirable by both small girls and adult women alike. They are handy, they are comfortable, and most importantly, they are very useful to write down things.

And if instead of the boring pocket diaries, if they are going to be an owl diary, who wouldn’t like it?

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  1. Fashionable Floral Tiara

Floral tiaras are every woman’s favorite! And why just women, even little girls like wearing a floral tiara and flaunting it like a gem. Floral tiaras look very pretty and can make anyone feel like a princess.

So go ahead, and make your wonderful ladies feel like the princesses that they are!

Floral tiaras can be a wonderful return gift for both adults and little girls. They also fit your budget since floral tiaras are gifts under Rs. 200!

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  1. Mini Exam Pad, Diary and Pen

Gifts for girls are the simplest to buy! There is so much variety, and the choices are innumerable. Amongst these, gifts that are useful are very few. A mini-pad and a pen is one of the best gift ideas as your little girl as she can use the minipad for exam preparations and study better.

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  1. Rainbow 3D Eyes Pouch for Girls

Girls have lots of collectibles. Gifting them a pouch that looks very pretty and that can hold things for them is a superb return gift idea after a kitty party.

The rainbow 3D eyes pouch can be a wonderful gift for adults too as they look very beautiful and are very convenient to carry.

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  1. Small Reversible Sequin Diary

Gifts for adults can be confusing and tiring. The gifts have to look pretty and be useful at the same time. And since most of the women at the kitty party have a lot of things to remember, why not gift them something that they can use regularly and also look pretty?

A sequin diary is a great choice of a gift that looks beautiful as well as serves the purpose. The sequins on the diary are also reversible and show a different color when reversed!

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  1. Fruit Notebook Water Bottle

Water bottles are an important item of use in our daily life. But we can’t deny the fact that the water bottles in homes are boring to look at.

A best way to be remembered by the ladies is to gift them a water bottle that will remind them of you every time they use it. A fruit notebook water-bottle is a cute bottle that is ideal to store and beverages in.

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  1. Unicorn Silicone Coin Earphone Pouch

All of your ladies use earphones. And all of your ladies also have those earphones tangled when they are just dumped in their purses. So why not make the lives of your dear women simpler by giving them a return gift that will solve their problem for them?

A silicone earphone pouch is a great gift that will store their earphones neatly for them and prevent them for tangling.

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  1. Toiletry Bag for Girls Ladies and Women

Girls like having cute bags and purses with them; especially while travelling. A toiletry bag for keeping important things inside, and also one that has a mirror is sure to be appreciated by both little girls as well as the ladies.

After all, it is useful and pretty, both! Just like they’d like it.

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  1. Kawaii Mini Notebook and Pen

Kawaii-fy the lives of your ladies with this cute little Kawaii Mini Notebook and Pen. The pages of this notebook are ideal for short messages and little notes such as things to do. It fits into your purse or a bag, and can even be kept on a nightstand. It’s one of the most adorable gifts you can give to your most adorable ladies!

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  1. Sequin Multipurpose Pouch

Anything with sequins is bound to look good and be appreciated by the women. A sequin pouch with the colourful sequins on the outside looks very jazzy and shimmery. It is also a useful gift as it can be used to carry things around easily and conveniently.

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  1. Insulated Lunch Bag

Little girls like teddy bears. Little girls like lunch bags. Put them both together, and you get the perfect little return gift for the tiny tots to carry back home after the kitty party! These insulated lunch bags even keep the food in it warm.

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  1. Unicorn Backpack

If your kitty party is for little girls and if you are wondering what to get them as return gifts, unicorn backpacks are always a great choice. They are cute, and they have unicorns on it. The size of the bags is also enough to store a few essential items, and more importantly, chocolates!

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  1. Sequin Sling cum Backpack Rabbit Eyes

Slings bags are THE style icon for most girls. Sling bags need to be cute, and sling bags need to be pretty. And if the little girls at the kitty party are picky, just like other girls at that age, you definitely need to get them sequin sling bags that have rabbit eyes on them!

They can make any girl look ten times cooler, and allow hetr to flaunt her newly possessed prized item!

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  1. Pocket Girls Diary

If you wish to add more variation to your gift items of pocket diaries, these diaries specially made for girls can be a wonderful addition. They are handy, and they have pretty covers with princesses on them just like the precious princesses visiting you!

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  1. Goodie bags

And when you are completely out of ideas for any gift item, a goodies bag will always come to your rescue!

Pick out multiple little gifts such as chocolates, items of daily use such as hair clips, cute combs for both little girls and elder women, and other things that may interest you and pack them together in a goodies bag!

Multiple gifts can make anybody a happy person!

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Happy gifting to you!



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