20 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys & Girls

20 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys & Girls

Gifting children who are 5 years old is an exciting task! The variety of gifts available for girls and boys at 5 years of age is huge.

Whether it is return gifts for kids, or birthday gifts for their 5th birthday, we have put together a list of the best gifts for kids under 5.

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  1. Minion Pencil with Eraser

Rs. 5.00 per piece.

Minions gifts are cute, funny, and very interesting to kids under 5, especially in India where minions are the new craze! If you want a cheap return present, but also something that the kids will like, these minion pencils are a great choice.

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  1. Minion Electric Eraser Fan

Rs. 89.00

Wondering what present to get your baby boy that will make him happy? How about a useful gift coupled with an interesting one, but both put together as one?

Minion electric eraser fan is a crazy combination of both an eraser that kids can use on their notebooks and an electric fan that they can show off to their friends!

Click here to buy Minion Electric Eraser Fan.



  1. 4 in 1 Cartoon Ball Pen

Rs. 15.00

Little boys and girls are fans of writing with pens, especially Indian children, since using a pen begins only when they grow older. With the 4 in 1 cartoon ball pen, you can give your son and daughter a good practice for pens, and they are available in different colors too!

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  1. Girls Goodies Bag for Kids

Rs. 29.00

Goodie bags for kids can light up any party like magic. Goodie bags are huge, and full of surprising things. What is better than one gift? One gift with many other gifts inside it! And if you are looking for the best gifts for girls, girls goodies bag for kids is the best option. These goodie bags are sure to rock your little baby girl’s world.

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  1. Unicorn Hard Jumbo Pencil Pouch

Rs. 499.00

Want to surprise your daughter with a cute gift for her 5th birthday?

Click here to buy a unicorn hard jumbo pencil pouch that your baby girl will absolutely love!


  1. PU Black Backpack Shark

Rs. 599.00

Age 5 and wild-life animals are a perfect combination!

Click here to buy a black shark backpack that kids will love!


  1. Insulated Lunch Bags for Kids

Rs. 399.00

Indian lunches are a huge affair, and more often than not, you may have seen your baby boy throwing tantrums to carry a lunch bag to school. Insulated lunch bag is one of the best gifts for boys.

Click here to pick from an assortment of insulated lunch bags for kids.


  1. Cactus Silicone Pencil Pouch

 Rs. 399.00

Running out of ideas for gifts for your son? A cactus silicone pencil pouch can be a wonderful gift!

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  1. Sequence Glitter Caps

Rs. 399.00

Return gifts for kids can be very daunting. But not when you know that glitter can be the show-stealer at any party! Kids at age 5 love glittery things, and if it’s something they can wear and show off to others, they are definitely going to love it.

Click here to buy sequence glitter caps online.



  1. DIY Printed Jute Tapes

Rs. 349.00

Click here to buy printed jute tapes that are sure to enhance the creativity of your little ones!


  1. Pocket Scratch Diary

Rs. 49.00

Schools in India mean a lot of work. It’s natural for kids, especially 5 yr olds, to forget things.

Click here to buy a pocket scratch diary that they can use to write down things, and sometimes to just scribble on it.




  1. Unicorn Collectible Tin Boxes

Rs. 99.00

Click here to buy unicorn collectible tin boxes.

Kids can store anything they like inside these collectible boxes.


  1. Cute Mini Owl Diary

Rs. 39.00

Mini diaries are always cute, and even cuter if they come in an owl shape and also look like one!

Click here to buy cute mini owl diaries online.


  1. Sandwitch Notepads

Rs. 149.00

Click here to buy sandwich notepads online.

These notepads look like real sandwiches and are very interesting for the kids.


  1. Colorful Wooden Stands

Rs. 99.00

Click here to buy colourful wooden stands.

These stands can be kept at study desks to store pencils and pens in.


  1. Pouch Whistle Gift Set

Rs. 25.00

Pencils and scales are essential items for kids in school. But how about gifting them something they can use at school, as well as play with something at home? This gift set comes with a whistle that kids can play with at home!

Click here to buy pouch whistle gift set online.


  1. Tetris Wooden Puzzle Game

Rs. 75.00

Click here to buy the tetris wooden puzzle game.

This game improves the thinking capabilities of your little ones and helps them develop smarter strategies for games!


  1. Stainless Steel 6 Metallic Intellectual Puzzles

Rs. 149.00

Age 5 is a developing age where children develop a lot of their brain capacities. Enriching their learning process by giving them brain-stimulating games helps them develop faster and learn skills that are necessary for them while growing up.

Click here to buy the stainless steel metallic intellectual puzzles.


  1. Unicorn Eye Glass Case

Rs. 199.00

Click here to buy a unicorn eye glass case online.

These are prettier than the glass case that come with the spectacles!


  1. 48 pc Wiss Toy Jhenga

Rs. 249.00

Jenga is a fun game that improves hand-to-eye coordination for kids.

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