15 Best Gift Ideas for Brother

15 Best Gift Ideas for Brother

A brother can be one of the toughest people to buy a gift for. There are so many occasions to buy gifts for them, right from raksha bandhan to a birthday. Yet, more often than not, we find ourselves out of gift ideas for our dear brother.

You may know your brother really well, but that may still not give you the best gift ideas for your ‘broski’. Whether it’s your elder brother or your younger brother, or even your twin brother, we have put together a list of gift items that you can gift your brother.

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  1. Hand-made rakhi:


Raksha bandhan is round the corner, and in India, it is one of the most respected and the most celebrated festival for brothers and sisters.

And so, why not make him a hand-made rakhi that will show just how much you love your brother!

Simply pick up a bunch of art and craft items and make a cute rakhi for your brother.

Whether it’s an elder brother or a younger brother, they are definitely going to like it!


Here’s our take on a handmade rakhi:


Quilling can be used to make a rakhi for your brother. Click here to buy good quality quilling paper online. and use your creativity to make the rakhi!


  1. Blue Tyre Backpack:

Brothers love receiving gifts from sisters. Whether it is for raksha bandhan or for bhai dooj in India, gifts are always welcomed and appreciated.

If you are wondering what to buy your younger brother, a simple backpack to carry his things in can be a great idea. A blue tyre backpack can be a nice gift for brother from sisters.

Click here to buy a blue tyre backpack; especially if your brother is a fan of cars. And which boy is not a cars fan!



  1. Minion tiffin box:

Birthday gifts for brother can also be a task to pick, especially a little brother. They are picky and like only certain things. But Minions are definitely their favorite! Click here to buy a simple minions tiffin box online and surprise them with their favorite character on their lunch box!

This can also be wonderful gift on the occasion of bhai dooj.


  1. Boys Dinasour Hard Jumbo Pencil Pouch

Gifting is interesting if the one who is gifting as well as the one who is receiving the gift are both small children. A baby sister gifting her small brother who is just a little elder to her is an interesting thing to watch.

In this case, you can surprise the big brother by having the small sister gift him something unique such as a hard cover pencil pouch. Click here to buy a hard cover pencil pouch online.

You can make it more interesting by adding pencils and erasers to it!


  1. Insulated Lunch Bags for Kids

A big brother who is just in kindergarten may also like to carry something like a lunch box in a bag that looks very cool. After all, even he has a style statement to make!

Click here to buy an insulated lunch bag for kids can be a good gift as it keeps the food in the lunchbox warm.


  1. Cactus Silicone Pencil Pouch


Gifts for boys are always a tough task since you never know what they may like or dislike. But one thing is for sure, they always like things that they can show off, especially in school if they are still little.

A silicone pouch caters to just that requirement! It looks cool and lets your brother show off his amazing gift to others too!

Click here to buy a silicone pouch online.


  1. Thumbs Up Mobile Stand

Wondering what to buy your brother in law for his upcoming bday? Don’t worry. Simply get something that he can use anywhere and everywhere!

A thumbs up mobile stand can be a very handy gift for someone who likes watching movies and videos on the go!

Click here to buy a good quality mobile stand online.


  1. Folding Backpack


If your brother is a traveller and you are not sure about what to get him, just pick up a backpack and gift wrap it for your brother! It can also be a great gift for your brother in law.

Click here to buy folding backpack online.


  1. Super Cool Straw Bottle

Water bottles are a necessity. But instead of the drab and boring water bottles, give your dear brother’s desk a nice twist by gifting him a super cool straw bottle for his bday.

The twisted straw inside a transparent bottle is sure to turn a few heads for your brother!

Click here to buy a cute and cool straw bottle online.


  1. Lego Diary

If your brother is someone who forgets things a lot, or is a writer with spontaneous thoughts, a Lego diary is a superb idea for a gift to him!

Boys are always a fan of Lego, and if that is on a diary, it is even better!

Click here to buy a Lego diary online.


  1. Kawaii Mini Magnetic Bookmarks

One of the most prized possession for a book reader is the bookmark that they use in the books. If your brother is also one of the kind, a Kawaii magnetic bookmark can be a perfect gift for him. Buy an entire set of them online, and surprise your brother by letting him know that you care for his interests.

Click here to buy a set of magnetic bookmarks online.


  1. Multipurpose Cloth Pen Stand

Desks can be a messy affair, especially for boys when they are too lazy to clean their desk up. So, in order to help them clear the clutter, why not gift them something that will help them arrange their things all at one place and then also make it easy to find them later with a cloth pen stand? It can solve the problem of a messy desk quickly and easily!

Click here to buy a cloth pen stand online.


  1. Vintage Metal Bookmarks

If you want to add a more vintage touch to your bookmarks, these vintage bookmarks can be a great choice for gifting a brother who likes reading books!

Click here to buy a set of good quality vintage metal bookmarks online.


  1. Mini Flexible USB Light

USB lights are a perfect gift for a workaholic brother! They are powered up by plugging into the laptop, and the light does not bother anybody else in the surrounding. A great way to work without affecting others.

Click here to buy the best quality USB light online.


  1. Mini Fridge White Board with Marker Pen

Mini fridge boards are a great way of remembering the list of things that require to be done throughout the day. That couples with a marker pen can definitely make your forgetful brother remember the important things to be done in the day!

Click here to buy a mini fridge board online.


Still confused what to get your brother? Why not just throw him a surprise party instead? Just buy a few amazing party decoration items and get going. Your brother might just like the impromptu idea!

Always buy gifts from the best website to buy gifts online to avoid any last minute party fail!


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