15 Unique Wedding Return Gift Ideas

15 Unique Wedding Return Gift Ideas

Weddings are a big deal, especially in a country like India. And a major part of the wedding preparations are the return gifts that are offered to the guests. Be it a Hindu wedding or a Christian wedding, return gifts are always expected, and always given. It is a great way of expressing your gratitude towards the people who helped your special day become even more special and seek their blessings for a wonderful marriage.

To help you pick the perfect return gift, here are a few ideas:


  1. Pop Socket for Mobiles and Tablets



Mobile phones are an important part of everyone’s lives. While mobile phones are important, selfies are equally important! A pop socket for mobile phones and tablets will be a great gift for everyone attending your wedding. Who does not like taking pictures, right?


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  1. Mini Fridge White Board with Marker Pen

One of the best return gift ideas is a mini white board with marker pens. Offering a return gift that caters to all age groups is not only important but beneficial in terms of budget. A mini white board that can be put on a fridge is a gift that all the guests attending your wedding would like.

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  1. 3D Eyes Multipurpose Pouch

Buying return gifts for adults can be a tough task. It is important to gift adults something that can be useful to them and will also fit into your budget. A multipurpose pouch is one of the best return gifts you can offer to your guests. These multipurpose pouches have googly eyes on them and are available in different colors.

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  1. Magnetic Bookmarks

Books are an integral part of everyone’s lives. Be it children or be it adults, everybody has books to deal with; and magnetic bookmarks are just the perfect gifts for every guest on the list!

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  1. Vintage Metal Bookmarks

To add more excitement to your return gifts, you can also create a gift hamper with multiple gift items in it. Add vintage metal bookmarks along with a set of the magnetic bookmarks to make your return gift more interesting.

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  1. Magnetic Memopad Notebook

Magnetic memopad notebooks can also be a wonderful return gift in exchange for the blessings for your marriage. Memopads can be great in creating reminders for daily activities and thus, a great return gift.

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  1. Cute Mini Owl Diary

Cute diaries can also be a wonderful and a pretty return gift for your wedding guests that will keep them reminded of you all the time.

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  1. Multipurpose Cloth Pen Stand

Return gifts in a Hindu wedding are an integral part of the wedding ceremony. The gift you offer to the guests must be useful to them, especially in a country like India. A multipurpose cloth pen stand is just the perfect gift idea!

You can also pair it up with other gift items and make your own personalized gift hamper for your wedding guests.

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  1. Fashionable Floral Tiara/Crown/Headband

Flower tiaras are every girl’s favourite! Gift one of these to the women attending your wedding and make them feel like the queen they are.

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  1. Insulated Lunch Bag Zipper

Lunch bags are useful to people of all age-groups attending your wedding. And giving insulated lunch bags as return gifts is definitely worth the money you spend on it. People are bound to remember you and the useful gift that you offered them.

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  1. 6 In 1 Color Ball Pen

Multi-colors coming out of a single pen are sure to attract the attention of every little kid attending your wedding. Buy a set of these to make sure you’re remembered by the tiny tots.

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  1. Domino Wooden Game

Offering return gifts to children is just as important as the return gifts for adults. Games are always appreciated by little children, and if the games take all the attention of the children, they are definitely appreciated by their parents too.

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  1. Super Cool Straw Bottle

Gifting a super cool straw bottle to your wedding guests will not only make them remember you, but also remember to drink water and bless you for such a creative and useful idea of a return gift.

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  1. Microfiber Lens Cleaner

Spectacle-wearers attending your wedding are bound to remember you forever for gifting them something that is so essential to their everyday life. A microfiber lens cleaner is both handy and useful and does not damage your spectacles at all.

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  1. Tin Storage Keychain Assorted Designs

Keychains attached to different types of bags look very pretty. But what if you could also store small items inside the keychains that we carry? A tin storage keychain is not just great to look at but is also very handy to store little items like coins, etc. in it.

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To add more glam to your wedding, check out some really cool party decoration supplies online!

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