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Birthday Return Gifts Under Rs 50

Bulk Hunt offers Birthday Return Gifts Under Rs 50

Birthday parties are fun, and many efforts are involved in making the party a complete success. One of the challenges to arrange the birthday party is return gift where not unique ideas are required, but prices of the gifts also play an important rule. Bulk Hunt addresses both these challenges by providing return gifts under Rs. 50. We have compiled a list of top ten birthday return gifts under Rs 50


  1. Unicorn document folder: Document folders are essential stationary items which are required by children to carry worksheets and project papers to school. So, why don’t you buy these document folders which are useful return gifts below 50 rupees.
  2. Earphone pouch: Every child has their headphones and this coin shaped moustache earphone pouch is a fantastic return gift under 50 rupees. Available in different colours and captions, these earphone pouches are a steal deal.
  3. Maze Game: If children of age 2 to 5 are coming to your birthday party, then this maze game is one of the fantastic return gifts under 50 rupees. This puzzle can sharpen the children’s skill by solving it. Available at INR 29, this return gift items will be loved by both boys and girls.
  4. Jelly erasers: Erasers are used by school children daily, so how about presenting the children with jelly erasers? This gift under 50 rupees will make erasing their mistake fun. Available in different colours and designs, pick these erasers in bulk for your birthday party return gift collection.
  5. Mechanical Pencils: If you are on a slightly higher budget, then you can buy these hello kitty pencils along with jelly erasers for birthday return gifts under Rs. 50. With a black lead, these are perfectly safe for child’s use.
  6. Scratch Dairy: A magical scrapbook which will show excellent colours when a child draws or writes on this dairy. This gift article below 50 rupees is not only fun for children but will boost their intelligence.
  7. Paper soaps: Handy paper soaps which come in different flavours such as strawberry, lemon, vanilla and many others. Children can carry this unique gift under 50 rupees to school for washing hands. These paper soaps can last for almost 100 washes.
  8. Pencil Pouch: Another unique return gift for Rs. 50 is pencil pouch which are lovely to gift. Children will be happy to receive this novelty item as they can carry a new pencil pouch to school the next day. So, your intention of bringing smiles to the children’s face will be sorted with this purchase
  9. Fridge Magnet: A cute fridge magnet of bird design is another beautiful gift items within 50 Rs. These magnets can easily stick to the surface and enhance the appearance of the surface.
  10. Keychain: Heart shaped keychains made from tin are long lasting birthday return gifts under Rs. 50. These key rings can be hanged to the keys or bags. You can distribute these 50 rupees gift items as return goodies or as winning a gift to the players.

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