20 Interesting Gift Ideas for Best Friend

20 Interesting Gift Ideas for Best Friend

A best friend is an important part of everyone’s lives. We all have that one special person who knows all about us, the one we tell all our secrets to, whether big or small, and someone who adds meaning to our friendship with them just by being themselves.

Friendship is one relation that is usually overshadowed by other things, and at times we fail to see how beautiful our friends make our lives. But a best friend’s birthday is one of the best and the most memorable days of the year. Getting a birthday gift for a best friend is the simplest task since we already know so much about them.

Still, to give you more ideas and suggestions and to help you pick the best gifts for your best friend scroll down below!

Pick a gift and tell them how special they are to you.

3D Eyes Multipurpose Pouch

Rs. 175.00

A female best friend is a pleasure to have. She just makes your life beautiful by being in it. And for such a special female best friend, one must always pick a nice gift.

A 3D eyes multipurpose pouch is a good gift if your best friend likes collecting things, or as something she can carry her makeup in.

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10 Magic Bending Pencils

Rs. 99.00

Help your kids buy special gifts for their best friends. Magic bending pencils can be a great choice for any male or female best friend of your kids. These pencils function like regular pencils, but can also be bent in any way.

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  1. Superhero Gel Theme

Rs. 25.00

More often than not, male friends are obsessed with superheroes. So why not just get them something that is superhero themed and something they can use every day.

Superhero gel pens can be a wonderful gift for a boy best friend and something that will be memorable for them too since they will used it every day.

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  1. Unicorn Led Gel Pen

Rs. 35.00

Soft pouches are a trend. But what makes soft pouches even more pretty is a Hello Kitty soft fur on the outside. These pouches are sure to make your little sister as well as your elder sister swoon with joy!

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Wooden Room Temperature Thermometer

Rs. 49.00

Another nice idea for a gift to a best friend is a room temperature thermometer. These thermometers are made of a wooden base and can be hung anywhere in the room to keep a tab on the temperature of the room. They are also available in pretty colors and are available online for cheap prices.

Click here to buy a wooden room temperature thermometer online.



  1. Straw Glass

Rs. 99.00

Drinking water is a boring task. Especially when you have boring water bottles. Similarly with other beverages. A straw glass can beat those boredom vibes and give your best friends a new reason to drink water.

A straw glass comes with an in-built straw that is easy to clean and also reusable.

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  1. Boy Print Small Cartoon Lamps for Kids

Rs. 99.00

What is the perfect and the most memorable present for a small boy? Anything that has his favorite cartoon on it. And if it is something that is going to stay on his desk for a long time? Yes!

A cartoon lamp has all the boy cartoons printed on the lamp shade that is bound to make your little boy very happy.

Cartoon lamps can also make up for nice Christmas gifts, or gifts for any other occasion.

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  1. Lego Highlighter Marker Pens

Rs. 36.00

Fancy stationery is a must have for everyone. Lego highlighter marker pens are available in different neon colors that will make learning and remembering things a much easier task to accomplish for your close friends.

Click here to buy a set of Lego highlighter pens online.



  1. Rainbow 3D Eyes Pouch for Girls

Rs. 39.00

Fancy school stationery is a must have for any girl. Any nice and cute item is bound to make a girl happy. A rainbow 3D eyes pouch can be one such nice gift for a girl. These pouches can be used to store pencils, pens and other stationery items. It can also be used to store a lot of other things such as hair clip and small items of makeup.

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  1. Silver Shopping Bags

Rs. 79.00

Shopping bags are everything for your close friend that is a shopping enthusiast. And thus, silver shopping bags are a cute and a wonderful suggestion as a present for your shopping-crazy friend.

Click here to buy a set of silver shopping bags for your best friend.



  1. Unicorn Tin Heart Keychain

Rs. 29.00

More often than not, your best friends will have to carry something tiny and they will definitely forget to carry it. And so, to help them not forget thing, gift them a unicorn tin keychain.

It consists of a little unicorn heart that can be used to store little things such as spare change.

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  1. Batman Keychain

Rs. 19.00

Cute keychains are always a great option for gifts to our best friends. And if they like superheroes, gifting a Batman keychain is a great choice.

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  1. Football Keychain Arsenal

Rs. 59.00

If your best friend is an Arsenal fan, look no further than gifting them Arsenal keychains that they can put on the zips of their bag and flaunt it to everybody.

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  1. Fish Folding Bags

Rs. 75.00

Fish folding bags are a superb gift and your best friend is bound to love it!

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  1. Folding Cups

Rs. 49.00

Gifts under Rs. 50 are in a league of their own! They’re cheap and durable and they make for unique gifts that your best friend will definitely love.

One such unique gift is a folding cup that can be expanded to be used as a cup and pushed down and zipped up when not required.

The best part is they can also be given as a Christmas gift to your friend!

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  1. Pop Socket for Mobiles and Tablets

Rs. 49.00

Pop sockets are helpful when your friend needs to take a picture. It offers a grip on the phone so that the phone does not slip off.

Click here to buy a pop socket for mobiles and tablets online.


  1. Small Magnetic Memopad

Rs. 49.00

Magnetic memopads are a good help to write down important things and not forget them later, and sometimes to also write funny things.

Click here to buy a magnetic memopad online.



  1. Wooden Tangram Big

Rs. 49.00

Wooden tangrams are a great exercise for the mind and can make a great gift for friends.

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  1. Document Folder Unicorn

Rs. 35.00

Document folders are great in helping one to arrange all required documents in a proper manner.

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  1. Boys Luggage Tags

Rs. 49.00

Luggage tags help to check and verify luggage when there are multiple other bags in the surroundings, such as an airport.

Click here to buy a luggage tag for your best friend so they never lose their luggage.


  1. Mobile Shape Highlighter Pens

Rs. 149.00

Highlighters are a great way of remembering things.

To make things funny, click here to buy a set of fancy highlighter pens for your best friend that look like an iPhone


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