10 Return Gift Ideas Under Rs 100

Birthday celebrations are always fun, both to the host and to the guests. An essential part of these parties is purchasing return gifts and distributing them. Every time a host hosts the party, he wants to give the best birthday return gift to the children within his budget. Hence, Bulk hunt has come up with return gifts under 100 which will be loved by children of all age group.

Birthday return gift ideas for 100rs

1. Nail art 

A beautiful birthday return gifts for girls under Rs. 100 is nail art which comes with beautiful designer pieces that can be used to give a perfect nail look, like a pro. This kit comes with different nail polishes, a tray which contains glue, nail separator, manicure essentials, nail stickers and artificially designed nails. A gift which will be loved by all the girls.


One of the essential return gifts below 100 rupees is the old metal bookmarks which come in a pair can be used by children to bookmark the pages. This clip like bookmark is sturdy and doesn’t move quickly.

3. Electric shock pen

A harmless prank pen which gives a slight electric shock to the one who pushes the pen down. The boys coming to your party will love a fancy pen with a shocking experience. Affordably priced at INR 59, you will bring shine on the boy’s face by gifting them this unique birthday return gift.

4. Pocket Dairy for girls

Return gifts below 100 rupees include this pocket dairy which can be used for organizing their schedule, the notes. The girls will acknowledge a spiral notebook which comes with frozen fever girls.

5. Classic stamps for kids and teachers

Funky stamps and you can gift them these stamps which read “keep it up”. Teachers can use this for appreciating the hard work of the students too

6. Strawberry folding bags

Folding bags which can be used to carry essentials to tuitions and schools. The strawberry shaped is acquired when the bag is not in use thus making it easy to carry in the students pocket. These birthday return gifts under Rs. 100 will allow the children to reuse bags.

7. Modelling clay

Non-toxic clay comes in ten colours which can be used by the children to create beautiful objects from it. Brightly coloured, eco-friendly product which can be moulded easily with the children is one of the best birthday return gift ideas for Rs. 100.

8. UNO Cards

Return gifts under 100 can get you UNO cards, a popular game among children of age 8 to 25. UNO is a classic card game which is a great pass time for the children.

9. 14-in-1 game 

One of the unique birthday return gift ideas for 100 rs is this 14-in-1 game which includes tic tac toe, ludo, snake and ladder, give and take, football, zoom bike, cricket and many more. A portable game which child can carry during their travel!

10. Water Bottles

An essential and useful return gifts below 100 rupees is the mini cartoon water bottle which can easily fit in small bags. 350 ml in capacity, this bottle can be used by both boys and girls to carry to their playgrounds, music or dance classes and tuitions

Bulk Hunt has always aimed at providing useful and essential birthday gift ideas under Rs. 100. The designs of the product come with bright colours, cartoon images which are famous amongst the kids hence making them more excited about the gifts altogether


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