10 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gift Ideas for Children

10 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gift Ideas for Children

Mickey Mouse has been an icon for children all over the world for years now. The character’s and the show’s unique way of engaging kids is unmatched. There have been so many gift ideas centred on Mickey Mouse and other show characters, and children have loved every single one of these gift ideas. Whether it is a Mickey Mouse mug, or even a pencil pouch, or even something like a coin bank, every Mickey gift has ensured Club House level joy.

In this article, we will help you buy the perfect Mickey Mouse themed gifts for your children that they will definitely like.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Gift Set

Little children love drawing. If they don’t find a canvas, they will even start drawing on the walls. To avoid that, and to bring out the artist in them in a better way, gift them a Mickey and Minnie canvas set. This set will teach them the basics of drawing and colouring, and it will not even ruin your precious walls.

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It’s also one of the best ideas for ideal return gifts.

 Minnie Mouse Keychain

Make your birthday present to your child a little more interesting by gifting them gift bags full of their favourite Mickey Mouse gifts. Throw in a Minnie Mouse keychain, and a few other gifts and make your children happier than ever.

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 Mickey Mouse Keychain

Add this Mickey Mouse keychain to your gift bags along with the Minnie Mouse keychain to complete the gift set for your children.

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These gift bags can make an ideal birthday present or even unique return gifts for your parties.

 Mickey Mouse Gift Bag

A Mickey Mouse gift bag full of Mickey Mouse gifts! What can be a better gift than this for any kid? Throw in a Mickey coffee mug, and a few more Mickey-themed gifts, and watch your kids go from happy to super happy in a matter of a few seconds!

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 Coin Earphone Pouch

If a gift bag with a mug and other gift items is not really your choice of gift for little children, then you can buy this Mickey Mouse earphone pouch for the kids. Every kid has a pair of earphones these days. Gift them something that will help them maintain their earphones well.

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 Lego Boys Watch

Gift one of these Lego watches with a Mickey Mouse theme to your little boy. He is sure to love it, wear it and definitely show if off to his friends!

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 Lego Girls Watch

If it’s a girl, gift her this Lego girls’ watch with a Mickey Mouse theme.

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You can add a little twist to your gift by buying a Mickey Mouse coffee mug and putting the watch inside the mug to confuse and surprise the little kid with two gifts inside one! It will be one of the best birthday presents they receive.

 Stationery Set

A stationery set with a Mickey Mouse theme has all the necessary things that children may require. Right from pencils to erasers, everything is present in a stationery set.

A Mickey Mouse themed stationery set is bound to be loved by all the children, whether it is a boy or a girl.

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 Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer

A Mickey Mouse themed hand sanitizer is a good start to imbibe the values of cleanliness in little children. Especially when it comes as a gift, little children are bound to understand lessons better. Gifts are a playful way of teaching children good manners.

These Mickey Mouse hand sanitizers are one step ahead in the right direction for little kids.

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 Mini Diaries

Diaries are always multipurpose articles. You can write down things that you wish to remember, or keep an account of your money or things, or even use it to plan things. And who says little kids cannot do any of these things?

They can also use mini diaries to write about their day, or if they have a coin bank, how much money they put in the coin bank.

Gifting them a mini diary can be a good start for them to get into the habit of writing diaries and keeping a tab of their day. Small steps often lead to great achievements, and a mini dairy can be just the right choice.

Mickey Mouse themed diaries can be a good factor in getting children used to some good habits.

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Giving gifts to children must be something that has a lot of thought put into it. The gifts you give to them often shape them as to who they are and how they behave while they are growing up. Gifting them something that will keep their interest and also teach them good habits is extremely important. Gifts should be pampering as well as teaching.

You can try different combinations of these gift items in this article above and mix and match them to make your own cool sets of gifts. You can also get the help of the little kids to pick their own gifts of choice!

That way they don’t have to crib about not getting their favourite gift. You can always add an element of surprise by adding more gift items to your set that they may not know of!

Happy gifting to you!


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